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Music That's Nostalgic As Hell

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Have you ever ran into a soundtrack that you never heard of before and just instantly felt a wave of nostalgic energy into your brain and it almost felt like getting hit in the face? I sure have, with many games. Here are a few tracks here from a variety of differient titles that give off a nostalgic vibe, even for the very first time of hearing them.

Mass Effect is kind of known for this. Idk what it is, but these tracks just make me think of the good old times or even a mysterious and unknown future (in life that is, not the game, but definitely also adds great atmosphere)

Here is another game that is buttload of nostalgic feeling tracks (Project Warlock)

The game doesn't need a mention, love it or hate it. This game is full of nostalgic track whether you played it for the first time or not. It's always nostalgic

WTS Arcanite Reaper at AH Bridge

I am not a guitar guy, but this always was built different.

I froze up for a few good seconds when I first heard this in the original FF7. I cannot wait to hear it again in FF7 Rebirth.

Oh and you cannot bring up nostalgia without bring up this specific game and tbese tracks. As confusing as this game was, it was magical for the very first time and you just wanted to savor the moments.


Ok guys, I am done for now because I feel old and I'll end up in tears. Cheers!
Ocarina of Time the thread! I don't recall hearing it's music when I played the 3DS version, yet I was taken aback to cozy Saturday mornings. Nostalgic sounding as hell and gave me nostalgia that I didn't even have nostalgia for, it was epic. Still didn't beat the game, but man I want to
Castlevania, Metroid, Streets of Rage, Zelda

They give me the feels and I instantly recognize them... they bring back so many memories.

Oh, and Chrono Trigger.

I literally listen to songs from these games in various remixes/covers on Spotify.
First time ever hearing this. That's pretty amazing, but in no way does that fit a Tomb Raider game. Sounds like a track for a western or Japanese RPG in the title menu instead.
That was the beauty of older western games soundtracks. Most of them weren't trying to box themselves into how things 'should be' and just gave you good music.

This track somehow found it's way into Unreal Tournament even though you could say it was meant for a racing game:



Absolutely adore that one. Nitro booster, bombing along the coast whilst the opposing cars hit a train at a level crossing and are thrown 50 foot into the air.

My choice...

Ahhh, summer '93 :messenger_sunglasses:
My man. This is the first thing that came to mind, I'm glad someone beat me to it.

I do have a couple even further back in my past choices though.

One of the few times a slower PAL version of a theme is superior to the NTSC speed.

Streets of Rage 2 might be the most memorable theme for me, but this gives me the strongest feeling of nostalgia, it stuck with me for decades of not hearing it.
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First time ever hearing this. That's pretty amazing, but in no way does that fit a Tomb Raider game. Sounds like a track for a western or Japanese RPG in the title menu instead.
The thing is...it did fit for the vibe of the first game. Very well actually.


This one from Mario 64 always comes to mind for some reason. I love Mario 64 don't get me wrong, but I have no idea why this song pops in my head when I discuss game soundtracks. It isn't even my favourite Mario song. It sure is nostalgic though and reminds me of the good old days playing my 3DS.


i could be posting songs all day but this are the ones that i remember the most (besides other gaffers already posted more that i like too :))

This songs are cruel to me because it reminds me of those simpler times playing alone or with my friends, having a blast, laughing and with no preoccupations. Just having fun and nothing more. :messenger_smiling:

Lux R7

i'll choose two: The warlock town theme from HoM&M II and Port of Adia theme from Turok 2.
Part of my childhood soundtrack for sure

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