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Multiplayer skins and backpacks found in TLOU 2 game files


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Source: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/...rt-2-files-show-off-ellies-multiplayer-armour

Three multiplayer armour models for Ellie have been found hidden within the files of The Last of Us Part 2.

Content creator Speclizer discovered the files tucked away within the game. While there is a chance these armour models for Ellie were intended to merely act as placeholders during The Last of Us Part 2's initial multiplayer development, it is interesting to see what Naughty Dog was working on before its multiplayer became a standalone game.

But as Speclizer says, there is the possibility these models could be unfinished versions of what will ultimately be used in the TLOU2's multiplayer mode (whenever that may be).

As well as these armour levels, Speclizer also found "six multiplayer backpacks that [they] have not been able to load into the game". These backpacks are "assault, melee, sniper, stealth, support and tactical".

Speclizer has said that if they find a way to get these backpacks to work, they will perhaps do another video to show them off.

In addition to finding the above assets, Speclizer also discovered a vast multiplayer map hidden within The Last of Us Part 2. The size of the map led the creator to surmise that Naughty Dog had originally intended The Last of Us Part 2 to include a battle royale mode.
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