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Multiplayer First Person Shooters are in a horrible state right now.

Besides the game designs, mechanics and all that good stuff the real issues are the asshat random gamers themselves. Go in a full made team and get sweat games non stop. Go in solo/buddy and end up in a continuous cycle of quitters, griefers, AFKers, massive skill differences affecting the overall game quality etc. The players themselves are atrocious in Apex with things like landing Fragment every single time, breaking from their team immediately, quitting within 30 seconds of play time and repeat. Then Halo has players who quit before the match even loads as they didn't get what they want or were booted offline etc. Honestly if you go in solo to any FPS in one game night you'll have near every single game at least every other game affected by complete asshats or matchmaking woes.

This is before you even talk about server/game connection quality and finally you'll get to game design and mechanics after that. I'm talking from direct experience as a solo and partied up player e.g. plenty of time played in Infinite, Apex and MCC. It's endless and enough that I'm dying for more PvE style content similar to Destiny strikes/RAIDS or Halo firefight.
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