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Mortismal Gaming: Gothic 3 - Retrospective Review (2023)


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Talking about my experiences with the divisive entry into the gothic series that is Gothic 3.

00:00 Intro
00:53 History & Development
02:03 Getting It Working
03:25 Alternative Balancing
04:14 Story Set Up & Thoughts
07:10 Forsaken Gods Expansion
08:14 Progression Systems
12:09 Gameplay, World & Factions
16:00 Combat
19:33 Steam Deck Compatibility
20:16 Positives/Negatives
22:30 Conclusion
23:36 Wrap Up

Gothic 3: A Troubled Release and a Comprehensive Guide to the World and Factions​

Gothic 3 is an open-world action role-playing game developed by Piranha Bites and released in 2006. The game follows the adventures of the nameless hero, and while it has a large and immersive world with many factions vying for control, it also had a notoriously buggy release, which ultimately led to its troubled development. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the world and factions of Gothic 3, exploring the game's release history, how to get the game running smoothly, and an overview of the factions and game mechanics.

Troubled Release​

The release of Gothic 3 was notoriously buggy, with numerous issues that made the game unplayable. Shortly after the game's release, Piranha Bites and their publisher at the time, JoWood, had a dispute that led to them parting ways. JoWood retained the rights to Gothic for a set period of time following the split, which left the game in a state of disrepair. Rather than hiring another team to fix the game, JoWood released the development tools to the community, which led to a lot of community fixes for the game. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated fans, Gothic 3 is still playable today.

Getting the Game Running​

To get the game running smoothly, players need to do more than simply buy it on Steam and try to play it. Although the game will run, once players get into the game world, they will find that their controls simply do not work. Luckily, there is a solution. If you're on Steam, switch the beta branch of the game to the community patch patch 1.75. This will update the game, making it playable and complete.

A Comprehensive Guide to the World and Factions of Gothic 3​

Game Mechanics​

Gothic 3 features a character progression system based on experience points and leveling up. The game features permanent snap boosting potions and plants that the player can find to improve their character's stats. The character's abilities are also improved through lifting items. By the end of the game, the player should feel strong and powerful.

Story Setup​

In terms of story setup, Gothic 3 follows the end of Gothic 2, where the players escape the Isle of Karinus and make it to the mainland. Upon their arrival, they find that Zardos, after obtaining the power of Bellyar, has helped the Orcs sweep through Mortana, where they now control basically everything. While this sets up a lot of interesting faction-related choices, the main story is the worst part of this game.


The world of Gothic 3 is large and open, with many factions vying for control. The Orcs have swept through the land and control most areas, but there are also Rebels, mercenaries, and the desert Merchants known as the hashishan. Settlements in the area will often involve some sort of conflict between two parties, and the player will ultimately be the decider of how that conflict plays out.

There are three countries in the open map: Murtana, the kingdom of the humans; Veront to the South, which is the desert Kingdom of the hashishan; and Nordmar, the Viking-inspired country to the north. Each of these countries has different factions with different quests and personalities, which adds a lot of variety and replayability to the game.

The player can join different factions and work to help them gain power, or they can work against them and try to weaken them. Each faction has its own set of quests, and many of them will conflict with other factions, so players must choose their allegiances carefully. For example, joining the Railroad means opposing the Institute, while joining the Brotherhood of Steel means opposing the Railroad. The player's decisions and actions throughout the game will determine the outcome of the main story and the fate of the Commonwealth. Along the way, players will encounter a variety of enemies, including raiders, super mutants, and feral ghouls, as well as more dangerous creatures such as Deathclaws and Mirelurks. The game also features a crafting system, allowing players to create and modify weapons, armor, and other items using resources scavenged from the environment. Additionally, players can build settlements and establish trade routes between them, providing resources and protection for their inhabitants. Overall, Fallout 4 offers a vast and immersive open-world experience with a compelling story and endless possibilities for exploration and customization.


I keep saying to myself I'll finish Gothic 2 one day and get into the rest of Gothic / Risen / Pyranha Bytes games, but that day is not today.
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