Mortal Kombat co-creator talks series origins and where the legendary fighter goes from here.


Ed Boon is practically gaming royalty. He’s been a working designer since the late 80s, starting with pinball and quickly moving to arcade games. And then he and three other folks created Mortal Kombat, and the rest is history.

The legendary fighting series hits the big 3-0 tomorrow, a date that marks the release of the original Mortal Kombat arcade cabinets on October 8, 1992. And Boon has worked on Mortal Kombat for every one of those 30 years, a highly unusual feat in video game design.

To celebrate the occasion, I caught up with the affable creator, now Chief Creative Officer for Mortal Kombat & NetherRealm Studios, to talk about his deep roots with the series, reminisce on his career developing MK, and try to get a sense of where it goes from here.

Interview here:



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