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More than 74% of Women of All Ages Play Mobile Games Daily, 67% See it as a Vital Source of ‘Me Time’


So, 460 women were surveyed, if you took another survey you likely get completely different other numbers.

I would like to know what sort of games they are playing because I would assume a good chunk of these are wordle and solitaire players. Which are frankly, great mobile games, but it's kind of a different thing than what we are thinking about.
A Woman I work with has been complaining that she is tired today because she stayed up late last night playing games on her cell phone.
Some solitary card game.
Most dedicated gamers don't like it, and who can blame them when a lot of the games are filled with gamble mechanics and other mtx fuckery?

Still, I can't deny the allure of having an all-encompassing media box in the palm of your hands. I don't play mobile games, but I can't live without my smartphone, even though it's more for the digital reading library and stream apps.
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