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Moonlight Game Streaming v3.0 Released (Your own personal Stadia)


I am a virgin
Moonlight v3.0 was released two days ago (And my client pleasantly forgot to let me know) with some wonderful updates, along with a host of bug fixes

Moonlight is a high quality streaming application based up the RTS Protocol (RTSP); it sits on top of nVidia Game Stream and allows for low latency (Not null latency) gaming remotely from the host computer

In essence, it's what all these streaming platforms are wanting to do, but without the dumb charges

It's also platform agnostic; there's releases for Chromebooks, Steamlink, phones, etc

While platforms like Parsec do exist, this is a bit more of a personalized set up, with full access to your current gaming library installed on your PC and no additional costs; Parsec is creating their own protocol (BUD) so I personally find Moonlight/RTSP to be a better method currently as it's more explored and fleshed out

While personally I would not suggest twitch shooters (Or shooters in general) for this type of service on a WAN connection (Public internet) playing shooters over LAN seems to be okay, with a more stable connection; currently I'm using it to play games like Genshin and WoW (To get my dailies done at work, and run some low dungeons)

Some of the features added are wicked and will make my streaming experience a hell of a lot easier
  • Custom streaming resolutions (YUSSSS)
  • Capturing key combos from the client to the host (Your Alt+Tab will now work on the computer hosting the game session) (HELL YES)
  • Updated gamepad mappings are automatically downloaded each time Moonlight launches (A GOD SEND)
  • The performance overlay is now supported for Linux clients using VAAPI and VDPAU hardware acceleration
  • Native ARM64 build for Windows (Surface Pro X, Galaxy Book S, etc). See the note in the Known Issues section below.
  • Native ARM64 build for macOS (M1-based Macs). ARM64 support for macOS is currently in beta.
  • Unified all Windows builds into a single installer download (x86 + x64 + ARM64)
  • Added the option to enable "Direct Launch" which immediately launches the specified game when clicking on a PC
  • Added the option to mute audio when the Moonlight window loses input focus
  • Added the option to toggle background gamepad input
  • Added the option to invert scroll direction
  • Added the option to swap gamepad button layout to Nintendo-style
  • Added the option to start the Moonlight UI in fullscreen mode
  • The Moonlight icon on macOS has been updated to match the Big Sur style
  • The failing TCP or UDP ports are now displayed when the connection fails

*Support for consoles will likely not happen; they'll release their own streaming service like PS Remote Play instead to keep it secured and inhouse
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