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|OT| Community Monster Hunter Rise |OT| A Whole New World


Jul 1, 2009
Not gonna play the demo.

Just going to blind buy.

It's MH. At this point you either know what the series offers or you don't, and I've been playing since like 2006.

I do have one question though: why is there a dog?
In the beginning of the game, the dog is a great mode of transport until you learn the wirebug/map layout and get the great wirebugs unlocked. In the middle you'll probably replace him with a cat in Multi or 2 cats for single player to help you get extra materials. At endgame when you're not really out for materials anymore, they become really good at applying status. There's also some cool ass armors for them.

So I played about 4 hours of just the PC demo last night, pissing with settings. On my 2070Super I can get 4k solid 60 with very few concessions. It feels so so so much better at 60FPS. Man I can't wait to dive back in on PC. This time I'm going Hunter Horn/SNS and trying to stay away from my crutch of SwitchAxe for a second playthrough. I wish the textures, particularly of the map, were better, but it's an up-rezzed Switch game, so I think it looks good enough. Wonder if we'll get some texture swap mods from World eventually for the environments.
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Mar 22, 2017
We finally got event quest that let us fight Ibushi properly, it very fun fight.
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