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MLB 2021 Off Season Discussion Thread : Don't think, it can only hurt the Ballclub



Disappointing injury before the season even begins. He has repeatedly injured himself out in the field, would not be surprised to see him at DH in 2022.


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Right after I congratulated myself for finding a PS5 and packing away the PS4, I discover that there is no MLB.tv app for the PS5 or my new LG TV. First world problems you guys.


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It's early. But cant believe my Jays are 3-1. Half the roster are no-namers and Springer is injured. But the pitching staff looks solid. Looks like the youngsters might break out this year.
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Crap can't believe I missed the fantasy league. I thought y'all were just gnna renew last year's league

Yeah things kind of got messed up a bit with bans/account closures. Maybe next year if some new blood here is interested we'll try a GAF league again
Oh please let Bauer be cheating lmao

He is but so is everyone else. If he gets suspended and other obvious players (Cole, Morton, pretty much anyone who pitched for the Astros and suddenly started having career years) don't, it's not going to go over well. Bauer called them out for cheating years ago and has been pretty vocal about the league not doing anything about it, this reeks of petty retaliation from Manfred.

Imagine Bauer gets suspended for bringing attention to the fact pitchers are obviously doctoring the balls and the Astro players didn't serve a game for their scandal. Wouldn't be surprising given Manfreds leadership but still, would be incredibly stupid.
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