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Mizzurna Falls, the Twin Peaks inspired PS1 game America never got - Did You Know Gaming? (Region Locked)

Today on Region Locked we talk about a Japan exclusive Twin Peaks inspired PS1 game that was surprisingly ahead of its time, resulting in this open world oddity become somewhat of a cult hit over the decades. Mizzurna Falls is often described as being like Dead Premonition, which you can see in the video is probably a fair comparison.


Mizzurna Falls is certainly up to his legend, it is amazing. It has lot of mechanics, unbelievable graphics for Playstation, real-time mechanics, more complex NPC behavior than Shenmue and many other details.

That video is missing the first fully playable translation of the game (into Spanish) by Mr.Nobody. It was available like a year before the final English translation by Cirosan & nikita600.

Mr.Nobody is also translating the other two most-awaited translations for Playstation: Germs - Nerawareta Machi and Manic Game Girl.



I dont like to support did you know gaming since they still employ that piece of shit liam Robertson.
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