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MiSTer FPGA August news; all the cool stuff that came to FPGA lately..Saturn/PS1/Arcade and more cool crap


Since I know a decent amount of people on Gaf have gotten a MiSTer...I am curious who keeps up to date on all the cool shit happening in the MiSTer FPGA ecosystem?

First up is Saturn. The core got an awesome update which makes it run a bit better than it did before. Still not perfect but its fun to watch the developments happen in real time.

PS1 got some cool stuff too including an update to the core to give 8X cd rom speeds and some extra cache. It's really becoming the def facto best way to play PS1 IMO vs an OG console.

Tons of new arcade cores; Cave 68K, SNK stuff, Irem boards...if you are into arcade stuff it's getting even better lately

Even GBA got some love with an update that allows you to play two different games at once...which isn't just a novelty but is actually really useful in some instances.

So who's updating their MiSTer weekly? cause if you aren't...gotta do it!

Samurai Shodown II (PS1) load times without the 8x boost:

Loading GIF by wanderson
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