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Minimal Mice or Fully-loaded Mice? Which do you prefer.

Which type of mice do you prefer?

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Went from a G903 to Razer Viper Ultimate and going back feels like driving a loaded truck. Light and minimal for me, but that goes for just about everything.

I'm using the Razer Viper, so minimal layout for me. Never been one for a fully decked out mouse, I can't even reach the side buttons on the right side without contracting my fingers in unnatural ways, lol.
Want to join the Razer club, I have a Deathadder Essential which is as cheap as it is nice to use. Played lots of FPS like DOOM Eternal, DUSK or Amid Evil and never gave me trouble.



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A trackball.

Trackpad for me. If I need ultra precision such as drawing, I’ll use my tablet. I don’t play games on my computer, i just code.

I haven’t used a mouse in almost a decade and it is one of the main reasons why I don’t have interest in PC gaming anymore.

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I like my wrists they way they are, not full of carpal tunnel, so it's one of these as a driver and a G502 as a gaming mouse.

I HATE pinky drag from mice, trackballs are great, minimal movement from the arm and everything gets done nicely.

I kind of laugh/feel bad about the nerds with the awful mice and "wristbreaker" keyboards, they'll be sorry in about 10-15 years when they look like they've tried to commit suicide from the carpal tunnel surgery scars.


WASD fucking blows so I use the arrow keys, all the keys that surround it, and an ergonomic mouse with a good number of buttons.

My last mouse was the MX Revolution and it was a beaut.

Now I'm using the G604 and it's pretty much just as awesome.

As long as I have around 11 reachable and comfortable binds on my mouse I'm good to go. 11 includes left and right on middle mouse and middle mouse click. It's really not cumbersome at all.

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I have the G502 still at the moment though it's too busy for my tastes. My favourite has always been the Intellimouse 3.0. It's a classic and I'm very tempted to get a new one.
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Minimal. I don't want to spend too much money on a mouse. Just not too little and not wired.
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A back and forth rocker, maybe one function button for things like Task View, and a side to side rocker on the scroll wheel and I'm good, so minimal


I was fully expecting this result, but ngl, it disheartens me to see so many minimal mouse fans.

To me it just feels like a mouse with few buttons is wasting almost an entire hand.


I was using a Logitech g900 but recently bought a Razor Naga Pro. The g900 is small and light, the Naga pro is very much not so. I mostly went with it because it has hot swappable thumb panels, to go from 2, 6, or 12 buttons. I usually use the 6 button one. I really like this idea, but not so much their implementation. The newer versions have a better set up for the 6 button configuration, but I don't want to spent that kind of cash just for that, and I don't know if the thumb panel has the logic to allow it to work on my version if I bought just that, from Ebay or what not.
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