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Mid year sale on NA PSN (finally,there is some good deals)


I really have no money this month but I've already got $17 PSN credit so if I buy another $10 card I can get Disgaea 5 and Ratchet & Clank.

Going for it.


Oh goodness...

I'm not sure I want to waste my money, since I'll probably never get to it, but is this bundle worth it for $10?

Record of Agarest Series War Bundle (PS3)
$39.99 $9.99

Download the Record of Agarest War Series bundle and receive Record of Agarest Zero, One and Two!

Does anyone know if the games in the Agarest bundle come with the DLC? I guess no but it was probably worth asking.


Lots of VR sales too I have about $223 worth of games (discounted to $91)in my cart waiting to pull the trigger.

Is there a list of VR-compatible games that are on sale? Not just the ones that are PSVR-excusive, but the regular games that have VR modes.
Sell me on Resogun, GAF!

Buy it.


Does anyone know if the games in the Agarest bundle come with the DLC? I guess no but it was probably worth asking.

It doesn't mention DLC at all in the listing. I just want to know if the series itself is worth it. You never know when a dark and boring day comes up when I want to try something old, but "new"


Left Behind is included with TLOU Remastered, right?

Yes it is. It's just an option for you to play the DLC by itself.

Is JoJo's bizarre adventure worth it? I've only seen up to part 4, I've always wanted to own it physically but owning anything JoJo is crazy expensive due to the anime tax :'(


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Another recommendation:

Helldivers: Democracy Strikes back for $7.99 that features the Terrain Specialist pack-The Terrain Specialist Uniform, All Terrrain Boots perk, and Missle Barrage Stratagem.

Includes the expansions-Masters of the Galaxy, Turning up the Heat and Democracy Strikes Back. Up to 4 player co-op across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita and CROSS PLAY between PS4, PS3 and Vita systems.


Has anyone played the Vita version of the Sly Collection? I know reports on performance for some of those ps2 platformer collections haven't been great.


For someone who played Disgaea 3 when it hit PS+ on Vita and enjoyed it a lot...is Disgaea 5 a good option at this price ?
Or should go on Disgaea 4 first ?
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