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Microsoft says the Activision Blizzard acquisition is ‘moving fast’ (VGC)


Or maybe Microsoft will do what they said and keep COD on PlayStation. If Sony decides to make Bungie's games exclusive to PS after saying they were keeping them multiplatform then Sony would be raked over the coals. And they should be.

First I am saying that Microsoft should go back on their words. I am just giving scenarios where Microsoft would differentiate between different platforms.

As for coals and all, I am sure we will also have enough supply of justifiers and how we took the words out of context (multiplatform=PC and playstation)


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The most comparable options are PS+ Premium and Game Pass Ultimate which includes games and online. Monthly PS+ Premium is $18 versus GPU $15. The annual option for PS+ Premium is $120. GPU doesn't have annual option so it is $180 when compared annually.

Regular Xbox Game Pass is $10 a month. PS+ doesn't have a tier that gives games without the online gaming so after Premium and GPU, it is really hard to compare.
Cheapest way to get all you can eat on ps is the Extra tier tho. Not many will care about streaming or ps1/ps2 to pay more. On Xbox you are forced to get the full pack if you want online and gamepass.

Premium only becomes interesting if all AAA can be played for 2h+. But still waiting in that to become a reality.
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