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Microsoft says Sony is working on a Superman game


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The legal team representing Microsoft referenced a PlayStation Superman game in a document responding to the Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) provisional findings regarding concerns the company's nearly $70 billion acquisition of the publisher may render Activision Blizzard games exclusive to Xbox should the merger go through... but that reference was most likely a typo.

In Section 2.20, where it discusses the impact the merger will have on PlayStation exclusive titles on Xbox console sales, it wrote, "This applies for 'big titles' like God of War and Superman. There has never been evidence that exclusivity of one single franchise can drive console sales."

The problem is, a Superman game hasn't been made for the PS5 or PS4. In fact, the last time a Superman game was made for a PlayStation console was Superman Returns, the video game adaptation of the 2006 movie of the same name starring Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel, for PS2.

The superhero game Microsoft's attorneys probably meant to write in that section is Marvel's Spider-Man, as it was mentioned three times throughout the document. Insomniac Games made that game and Spider-Man: Miles Morales exclusively for PS4 and PS5. Although, both games aren't necessarily PlayStation-exclusive titles anymore since they got ported over to PC last fall, especially the remastered version of the former.


surely with super-man the gaming market will be won forever by sony and they wont need COD



Lol i already knew this was a typo before finishing reading the article.

Also hilarious how the twittards pretty much trying to make this as confirmed news instead of using common scense and logic. But i guess that something u are not allowed to do on twitter.
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I know people are saying its a typo, but I think a Superman game could get boring pretty fast unless you can fly across the entire planet or something.
I know people are saying its a typo, but I think a Superman game could get boring pretty fast unless you can fly across the entire planet or something.

On one hand you're basically invulnerable meaning everything is god mode or have gimped kryptonite nerfing your controls/mechanics. Doesn't sound particularly fun for hours at a time.

On the other hand that fan demo is something you want to play real bad for 15 minutes.

Could supes be the vomit inducing VR must have title? It might cure a fear of flying.

I kinda wanna see supes wreck shit in MS Flight now, imagine just flying by pilot nerds waving the whole time or saving them from crashes after a 10 hour long flight haul. The faux-twitter spotting accounts could really viral market the shit out of this thing.


They most likely meant to say spiderman but can't expect much more from those who felt quoting Tom Warren's twitter was the best they could do in order to make a point.
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