Microsoft Flight Simulator - San Francisco to Las Vegas Full Flight Gameplay


How the fuck is this not a game?
Maybe the Pilot could be a war vet who is trying to rebuild a relationship with his estranged son through a series of flight missions set over stunning scenery?
The camera could be set just over the rear edge of the right wing of the aircraft.


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I take it you haven't seen the Developers Discovery series. There you'll see the technological feat Asobo have achieved to replicate the whole earth on 1:1 scale, how they have developed a weather system that is realistic, how AI traffic is based on real world traffic, how every single player plays in one world, the list goes on.

MS FS2020 is truly next gen.
Yeah, it's not that I want to understimate their efforts.
It sure looks gorgeus and have absolutely insane ammouts of work, but I just fail to see where the 'next-gen' power is used. But well, dont mind me : )

I guess the first IGN video doesnt make it justice. DF's video is a lot more convincing.
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Any footage of a crash yet?

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