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News Business Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Asobo Studio opened its capital to Sagard NewGen


Dec 2, 2020

This rules out an MS acquisition.

Asobo signed a 10-year flight sim deal and their next title will be published by Focus Home Interactive.
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Sep 30, 2004
For those curious about Asobo Studio's game development history before Flight Sim (because maybe some people had heard the name before, but they seemed to come out of nowhere as a company to watch for top-tier games,) some FYI:

Asobo Studio is based in France (Bordeaux), and has been around since 2002, producing a ton of PS2/Xbox, PSP, Wii, PS3/360, PS4/X1, PC games & ports.

You may know them best before MS Flight Sim for their Disney/Pixar games (albeit mostly for downports/sister-games,) as they made the past-gen versions of Ratatouille, Up, Wall-E. and Toy Story 3. They then did the full game Disney/Pixar Kinect Rush for Microsoft, and did the Xbox One remaster of Disney Kinect Adventure.

Other notable remasters or co-development assistance includes work on Recore, The Crew 1+2, and Quantum Break, and the remaster of the 2013 Zoo Tycoon.

The company's original creations include the racing game Fuel, the horror game A Plague Tale: Innocence, the casual game Monopoly Plus (I omitted several other unnotable casual and licensed games,) and a couple HoloLens projects (Young Conker and Fragment.)

...Also, they made a Garfield game.

Some may notice while looking at their credits that they have over the years racked up a number of credits on Microsoft titles (though they have also had a long-standing relationship with Ubisoft.) Many of those MS projects were in an assistance role rather than lead development, but added up, you may see why MS picked this unexpected group to make what has kind of unexpectedly become a benchmark title of this new generation's game technology.
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Sep 15, 2020
I live at Bordeaux and i have a friend working at Asobo, i've even played old school D&D with a few ^_^ it's a good studio with a wide range of talent. They have a good working relationship with MS but always wanted to keep their independance. I don't know what's their next project right now but we should keep an eye on them. Personally i wouldn't mind a sequel to A Plague Tale, but my friend won't tell... :messenger_weary:
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Bending Rodríguez (22, 1,729)
Apr 12, 2010
A sequel for what?