Microsoft acquires Double Fine Productions | Publishing rights signed to Microsoft


I stopped following them on twitter when they started tweeting woke-ish messages for virtue points. Or maybe they got swallowed by the stupid politics. Tim Schafer and (even more for some reason) Jack Black, too.

I'm disappointed that they took that turn, but it's not exactly an unexpected move in the current climate.

I hope Psychonauts 2 is a great game, because I enjoyed the first one quite. But, realistically, it's not looking very likely.


current climate
Current? It's been over six years since Tim and co jumped into bed with Anita and Zoe, Double Fine were one of the first studios to mock gamers and GamerGate and tell people to not buy their games. Hell the PS4 wasn't even around that long by that point.


Yeah, you're probably right. I wasn't following all that closely apparently and was living in a bubble until last year's Zoe's new toxic tweets led to Holowka's suicide.

(I also haven't been active on twitter for that long. It's just the two last years probably and again, not that active).

I did not fully understand the gamergate thing -- it tended to be confusing as to which side was the "gamergate" crowd, and depending on which forums you frequent you'd get obnoxious people from both sides.

But since I looked into it more, it's been one spiral descent into a whirlpool of despair.

Which sucks since it's so fucking obvious how stupid and misguided woke politics are. And how poisonous, manipulative and disastrous.
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