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Microsoft’s 2019 Xbox Briefing was E3's Most Watched Stream on Twitch for the Third Year in a Row.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo was a bit different than normal with Activision, EA, Microsoft, and Sony all not having booths on the show floor. But even with Sony completely skipping the event, there were still more press conferences than ever at E3 2019.

EA once again kicked off Day 1 of E3 2019 with a first look at Respawn’s highly anticipated new singleplayer game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. But after a strong start, the publisher’s new format — which spread out their six game announcements over the course of a three-hour stream — quickly lost the interest of their 463k viewers.

Viewer counts for EA Play have typically been the lowest of all the major E3 streams over the past few years and with no major announcements after Star Wars, EA’s viewership dropped another 12% compared to their 2018 stream on Twitch.

  1. Microsoft / Xbox— 1.5 Million viewers (1.7 Million in 2018)
  2. Ubisoft— 1.4 Million viewers (1.6 Million in 2018)
  3. Bethesda— 1.2 Million viewers (964k in 2018)
  4. Square Enix – 888k viewers
  5. PC Gaming Show— 853k viewers (893k in 2018)
  6. Nintendo / Switch— 728k viewers (679k in 2018)
  7. Devolver Digital – 678k viewers
  8. EA (Electronic Arts)— 463k viewers (528K in 2018)
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Nov 28, 2016
really? I think most people didnt even use twich, but mixer. You get free stuff using mixer and it looked great in 4K.