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Metal Gear Solid Voice Director Teases “New Exciting Stuff”, Hayter and Downes Possibly Involved.


Jul 15, 2018
It'll be a peace walker themed car commercial just like the one with the colonel, instead this time with Miller.


Aug 12, 2014
Apperently it was a whole lot of nothing, just hayter and whoever meeting up to discuss mgs


Apr 7, 2006
Looking at that list, they'd be profiting off the work created by pretty much every single creative person that they've screwed over the years. No thanks. I don't want to buy their games or see a buyout if it means Konami sees a cent.
I'd rather the IP's not die though.....I was thinking the other day, what happened to our third party games, especially great singleplayer... and was thinking, which Publisher/Dev had some of the best and most memorable franchises for me?....and Konami it is...…(followed by Capcom and Namco)..

We know SOTN is a classic, but I also loved Lords of Shadow and Lament of Innocence..... Silent Hill still has so much potential, RE is still alive and well, why can't SH?.....MGS speaks for itself really and there are so many other games. It really will be a shame if we no longer see good games from said series or new IP's from Konami, since lots of good folk have departed from them since the Kojima fiasco.....Yet, I'd lobby for the games and franchises survival by placing it in more capable hands...

“Character/Armor/weapon game assests”
don’t forget the hudson soft properties as well since Konami acquired it. I don’t see Konami being bought. They are much healthier financially than Capcom sadly.
Thanks, didn't forget though, because I've been clamoring for a new BR (Bloody Roar) since this gen began, I've probably mentioned it a few times over threads this gen...I really thought Sony would have entered a deal and revived it together with Hudson, but it never panned....

Also, couldn't they make a 3D bomberman with FP view and perhaps take some queues from Metroid and mix it up? There's potential there, I'm just seeing everybody chasing Battleroyale or the next online craze whilst so many franchises are left to squander....especially SP franchises...
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May 4, 2018
You can not be serious, its not even on par with TAS movies let alone the original trilogy and is far and far away anywhere near the top 5 MCU films

I guess I don't understand how he sees that scene as cringeworthy in Spider-Man 2... but gives the "Penis Parker", aunt May walking in on Peter in his boxers, high school angtsty teen, or other jokes in Homecoming a pass. That movie was full of cringeworthy material.
Apr 18, 2018
I don't usually get into this buy this buy this phase, but If I was Sony I'd buy Konami.......There are lots of IP's that's just idle they could probably make great again....Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid would be good pickups....Then we're looking at Silent Hill, Contra, Zone of the Enders, Policenauts, Suikoden etc.....It would a solid buy to say the least....Notwithstanding, they've had a good relationship with Konami over the years, the SOTN/ROB pack + ZOE2 MARS indicates as such.....
Castlevania is just a generic vampire game, the IP itself is worthless because it's not like Konami own the basic idea of Dracula and vampires etc. If SONY wanted to make a metroidvania game, they would've just made it by now. MGS is the only worthwhile IP with potential to actually sell large amounts, the rest really aren't that valuable.


Jun 21, 2018
My Whislist refered to A possible Metal Gear

1.- Metal Gear Solid 6 (Sony, grab this one)
2.- Metal Gear Rising 2 (Platinum, grab this one)

My Wishlist refered to Konami

1.- Silent Hill 2-4 remastered properly
2.- Lords of Shadow remastered properly
3.- ZOE3
4.- New Silent Hill
5.- Contra Collection.


One of the green rats
Oct 10, 2017
I think they could make a great MG game without Kojima.

Let him spend millions at Sony on VA with celebrities.