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METAL GEAR SOLID in Unreal Engine 5


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Metal Gear Solid is one of the most important games of my life. It changed the way I see video games, and even my way of being in many things. So in a replay of the original game a while ago I was curious how the game would look like with current graphics in Unreal Engine 5 with Nanite and Lumen. And that's what I did.
Dunno why IbizaPocholo IbizaPocholo keeps promoting these fan made stuff. Just pointless and will never amount to anything except maybe a copyright strike or cease and desist or whatever.

Instead of doing stuff that gets deleted maybe they should focus on making new stuff if they have the talent.
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These type of demos serve no other purpose than the authors touting their talents to developers who may be looking to hire...which is fair enough, I suppose.
These render test "remakes" are so fucking annoying. They never truly look good or keep consistent with the art style the originals were going for. It's just some young punk trying to break into the dev scene by exploiting people's nostalgia for clicks. Build a proper resume and do it the right way you little scammers.


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Y’all crazy. I doubt the guy was going to remake the game fully, I think he just wanted to showcase his talent, which he clearly has. Developers will see this and see what he’s capable of. I see no harm in that.


I am so tired of these.
No. It doesn't look good
Yeah I hate to say this but "kids these days" (ie: graphicswhores) have no clue why you can't just transplant some assets into a new engine, turn up all the bells and whistles to 11 and call it a day lol. Half the work is the art itself and refinement in visual details such as post-processing techniques and what not.

No amount of depth of field, ray-tracing and volumetric lighting can save your "X Game in Unreal Engine" from looking like an Asylum ripoff from the original.


Every generation there are these 'remake' vids in the next Unreal engine, hardly any of them look good.

Also, why is he walking like an ape?
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Obviously it's amateur quality, but it's fine in a "Here's a proof of concept" type of way as a slight glance into what a proper remake could possibly look like if Konami weren't Konami.

I still think a modern MGS remake would need to be reworked unless the guards are as OP as Snake, because there's so few of them in total.


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Looks bad for what it is supposed to do.
What is even the point of such videos? “I can make videogames, look at me!”?


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Never in my life

and I mean -in my life-

have i seen something as shitty looking as that

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PS1 original looks way better to me. "Realism" and and ugly ass realistic lighting doesn't automatically make graphics look "better". "Better" is subjective. The appeal of graphics lies in the overall look and sometimes their imperfections. Those impferfections often help immerse people because not only do they help with the suspension of disbelief, but also leave room for your own imagination.

PS1 graphics in particular still look great to me because of these very reasons.


It's always cool to get a glimpse of what could've been or what could be. But this one, and that Silent Hill one, were pretty rough. Sure, some neat looking things compared to the original. But a lot of things stick out like a sore thumb that just kind of ruin the experience. Like the stock animations, camera placement/FOV, etc.

I still applaud them for what they're doing, but yeah, reading this title and the previous Silent Hill thread, I was expecting a bit more, lol.


I don't have anything against the concept like some of here do, but...

That charachter model is horribad. Completely the wrong way to invoke nostalgia.
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