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Mediatonic (Fall Guys dev) joins Epic Games

Maiden Voyage

Gold™ Member
Sep 5, 2014

Full announcement:

You may have heard the news that Mediatonic is joining the Epic Games family! You can read the announcement at the Epic Games Newsroom.

This is a huge win for Fall Guys. Since Fall Guys broke out in August, we’ve put everything we have into the game, and the Fall Guys team has already grown massively from 35 to 150+. Yet, there is so much more we want to build for our players. With our publisher Devolver Digital supporting and championing us along the way with Fall Guys, Foul Play and Hatoful Boyfriend, we've been able to bring some truly unique experiences to players as an independent studio.

Joining forces with Epic will accelerate our plans to improve the game and bring Fall Guys to as many players as possible, while continuing to support the community.

We’ve put together this FAQ to answer some of the initial questions you may have.

How will this affect the game?

Your gameplay isn’t changing and neither is our mission to bring Fall Guys to as many players as possible. Each season, we’ll continue to expand the game with new content, features, rounds, and costumes.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will remain purchasable on Steam and PlayStation. If you own the game on these platforms, you’ll still be able to play it from there and will receive future updates. We are also still planning to bring Fall Guys to Nintendo Switchand Xbox.

Fortnite and Rocket League already have tons of features we’d love to bring to Fall Guys—account systems, cross-play, squad vs squad modes, etc…We’re going to work hard on bringing more of these features to Fall Guys too!


Nothing to announce right now!

How will this affect the community?

We absolutely love our community and we wouldn’t be in this situation without your continued support.

We’ll stay super close with you, continue to chat with you in the same open and honest way, and continue to take on all of your suggestions and feedback.

Why did you choose Epic?

We’ve been mutual fans for a while and as we’ve gotten to know the Epic team better, it turns out we have a lot in common and share a lot of the same goals.

They really love Fall Guys and our team at Mediatonic. We’ll continue to be the same team, working on the same game, but we’ll now have the full power of Epic Games to help us take the game to new (dizzying) heights.

Will you still make the same kind of games in future?

We’re proud of Mediatonic’s creative culture and this is something that Epic really values too. We’re focused on creating games that empower our players, create joy, and bring people together to have fun, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities ahead.
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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014
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Nov 24, 2014
Is it me or does Epic/MS try to grab(pay) anything they think will be the next big thing? And looking at their track record, well, at least the devs got paid.

Bit late for that Fall Guys is dropping players pretty quickly


13 year old console warrior. Put me on ignore.
Aug 3, 2014
Is it me or does Epic/MS try to grab(pay) anything they think will be the next big thing? And looking at their track record, well, at least the devs got paid.
it's not just about getting a popular game. it's about acquiring the talent behind it. this happens all the time in pretty much every industry.


Sep 8, 2019

Now Epic can save the game by making it f2p

Make the change asap, Epic

The game is fun, but its playerbase is bleeding fast


Aug 29, 2013
Fall Guys - 150+ developers on team

Kena - 3 dudes, a Pomeranian and Karl the janitor (for bug testing).
Game is a multiplayer game which is constantly updated with stuff.

Very different from a single player game where it’s one and done.

Fall Guys could also have been a much smaller studio prior to it becoming popular and the scope simply became larger since then and required more people to develop.


Feb 25, 2010
Well they won the lottery...Iguess...do not see this guys delivering another game like this..they look like a one hit band.

Bur well, they can keep.fallguys for ages as a GAS
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Nov 22, 2018
Fallguys got boring after 1 hour
Pretty much this. After the first season I had 40ish wins? played a few games of season 2 and got bored. I SHOULD'VE got the trophy for 5 wins in a row but it didn't pop.After that I really stopped caring. Do people even still play fall guys?


Aug 29, 2013
Because everything is about graphics huh? Nothing about network stuff, and updates. Glad to know you know nothing.

Kena looks better than Fortnite as well yet why is nobody questioning the amount of developers on board with it? What about Minecraft even before RT? Ignorance is bliss.