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Media Molecule's Dreams Halloween Event "Ghost Train" is free for everyone to play (In VR Also) October 15th - November 1st

May 27, 2013

Link to Playstation Article

Media Molecule’s Halloween extravaganza has a name! From October 15th till November 1st Dreams is getting spooky with their All Hallows’ Dreams: Ghost Train event.

All creators in the community were invited to design pumpkins, scarecrows and an epic ghost train adventure that will be entirely playable in VR. Media Molecule will be taking everyone’s creations and stitching them together to make a massive haunted fairground for players to explore filled with quests, mini games and some brand new freaky imps and prizes to collect.

The whole event is going to be free for everyone to experience - even if you don’t own a copy of Dreams you’ll be able to download the free trial version of the game and play it there along with a selection of community levels and 20 minutes of Dreams story mode Arts Dream.

The full trailer for Ghost Train is being posted tomorrow.

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Ah. Peace and quiet. #ADayWithoutAWoman
May 24, 2005
FINALLY!!! Sony finally making the right moves with Dreams.