Me and David Jaffe decided to sit down and...

Have a chit chat about industry trends such as $70 prices, game development budgets, studios and of course his history of with God of War and Santa Monica and future of the franchise. One of the most interesting things was where God of War was supposed to go next with original Jaffe's vision.

He mentions many big names such as Amy Henning, Neil Druckmann and so on but also how he is done with being a designer.

Despite what you think of David Jaffe you can't deny he created one of the most amazing franchises - God of War and also known for a succesful car combat racer in PS1 and PS2 days - Twisted Metal.

Enjoy dear NeoGaf.

Quick question to NeoGaf, who else would you like too see as a guest in the future of our show?
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Great game developer. Absolute deplorable personality.

Anyway for your next video peter molyneux, black and white and populous 3
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If those dumb videos ruffled your feathers that much, you sound too fragile to be named Golgo 13.
Fortunately for me, I’ve got better things to do with my life than listen to the nonsensical and completely predictable chattering of ideologically possessed proponents of PC culture.

And you’re wrong, Golgo wouldn’t waste his time on that horseshit either.
David Jaffe should give Tomounobu Itagaki a call.

Hey Jaffe, if you read this or someone who can get this message to Jaffe. Get in touch with Itagaki, who knows you two shunned aside geniuses can work out some magic. It would be a challenge for both, no doubt, but a very, very out of this world combination.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
David Jaffe is no longer making god of war emotion out of it it feels like advantage Microsoft he was really good.
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