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Master of Overhyping Keighley says to "Manage expectations" of Summer Game Fest


He has a lot of passion for video games and what he does

He is a corp with an inflated ego and represent the worst part of the business.
It was barely watchable last year, if he's saying to manage expectations it must be really bad. I'll just watch whatever 1-2 trailers/announcements are even vaguely interesting after the show instead of wasting my time


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Says that Summer Games Fest will mainly be about already announced titles. The hypemaster is getting ahead of things so we're all prepared ahead of time for a show full of Indie titles. :messenger_grinning_smiling:

"He added: “So we’re doing some good stuff for you, but definitely manage your expectations in terms of the megaton shocks that you’re expecting. This is not The Game Awards. We’ve got lots of good stuff to show you but buyer beware of some of the crazy rumors I’m seeing out there in terms of things people expect to get announced.”


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Excited to see if Sony shows their GaaS line-up, but it's probably most yearly 3rd party and boring single player games.
So I guess that means a bomb ass Ragnarok trailer where they quietly reveal the March 2023 release date in very tiny font at the end of trailer.

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A trailer for a crossgen God of War Ragnarok in 2023? No thanks, if the game really gets delayed they should announce the date beforehand and not in the trailer as if it was something good.

Ragnarok is pretty much a lock for late 2022. Wait for it.
Please be right.
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There's tons of announced games that we haven’t seen any gameplay of yet. To name some of them:
Perfect Dark
Indiana Jones
The Outer Worlds 2
Spider-Man 2
Call of Duty: WW2
Alan Wake 2
State of Decay 3
Project Mara
The Elder Scrolls VI

And the list goes on!
So excluding games MS and Sony would want to shown on their own events we've got:
Alan Wake 2


I'm okay with that. I'd rather see updates on announced games coming within the next couple of years, than teasers for stuff several years away.


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I already saw both FFXVI and RE4R that I'm excited about but both are looooooooog way off and my most hype game this year is close to release so my expectation for this show is.....

If we saw something cool then great if not then I'm not gonna be sad about it.


Keighley, the master of making content nobody cares about watching.

Come back to Canada, Doritopope. We will embrace your useless annual concept with government cultural funding and a polite hatred for wasting taxpayer money. You have mastered the art. Your poster is probably on Rick the Temp's bedroom wall already. Please don't cry over Kojima yet. We don't want to play that card until we have a "mental health awareness" day to spread around on social media. Hashtag let's talk, bud. Give your balls a tug.


All I’m waiting for is Arcade1Up to reveal it’s second-half-of-the-year cabs.

As in, is that leak “Marvel Vs Capcom *2* ” or “Marvel Vs Capcom *II* ” a second revision of the cab already released? And the Blitz rumor ...

Was hoping they’d say at E3.


Good for Keighley to set expectations. Its the right thing to do.

Of course all the idiot NPC's on chat will be typing Bloodborne PC and will say the show is shit cause it wasnt announced. Yall can be dissapointed at a show but begging for a dopamine hit on every one of these commercial product announcements is fucking sad.


The Game Awards had a story trailer for HFW.

Opening Night Live had the release date reveal for HFW, so I'm hopeful we'll get something big for GOW Ragnarok here this Thursday.


Usually, when people hype a big event like this, it turns out itsfuckingnothing.gif.

So, if they already say this is a nothingburger, I'm very worried.
I think the show will be good.If it has a new trailer of God of War then it is already good.Maybe some surprises.I am always open minded about these shows.Maybe he said what he said because people build always unrealistic expectations and await GTA6 Uncharted5 and Skyrim2 all in one show.And Sonys State of Play had many heavy hitters in it which he would’ve loved to show first on his show.Keep expectations in check that way you can be surprised or stay the same.


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I don't get the hate you guys give him here, he does so many good things for gaming really. I'm sure he does everything he can do deliver the biggest announcements, but in the end it's up the studios behind the games that decides what to be shown :p
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