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Mass Effect Legendary Editon Mod Restores Lost Pinnacle Station DLC


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When the Mass Effect Legendary Edition launched earlier this year, it provided fans an opportunity to revisit the hugely popular sci-fi RPG trilogy again for the first time in years. It packaged all three initial Mass Effect games together with each game's DLC and extra content. However, there was one surprising omission. The Pinnacle Station DLC for the original Mass Effect wasn't included, with BioWare saying the source had been corrupted. Where BioWare faltered, fans have come together, however. The Pinnacle Station is now available as a mode for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The mod is named the Pinnacle Station DLC and is available to download on PC now. Developed by ME3Tweaks, the Pinnacle Station DLC mod delivers not just the content of the DLC originally released for Mass Effect, but an updated version bringing it in parallel to the visuals of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It includes all of the content found in the original Mass Effect DLC.

While the Pinnacle Station DLC mod does bring over all of the original content from Mass Effect, it also makes several key changes improving on the DLC. For example, all of the levels within the Pinnacle Station DLC now how an additional music track raising the intensity of the experience as the level progresses. Several fixes have also been made, including issues with collision, texture pop-in, bugged enemy spawn locations, and other problems that BioWare was never able to solve in 2009.


Reseterror Resettler
Good thing about this mod is I'm over my Bioware addiction, so in case you clowns with your lazy dev cycles don't understand that I'm supporting modders I'm telling you I'm supporting modders so go ahead cocksuckas pull the trigger enjoy your Mass Effect Andromeda [redacted] sewers.
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Tag, you're it.
Modders always get the job done.

That's why I have high hope for GTA Trilogy (on Unreal) being heavily modded after a few month, turning them into real remaster.
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