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Mass Effect Legendary Edition | Official reveal trailer


So because it’s such a ’huge task’ they just shouldn’t bother? This is a cheap as bones cash in and because consumers will buy it EA will continue releasing crap like this. Consumers should hold them to a higher standard, but they won’t.

I think my problem is that it is a remaster. I personally believe most people wanted a full remake, but a full remake is an expensive long term investment and requires the devs to truly respect the franchise its history and lineage.

This is not enough to make me want to pay full price for the same game I’ve played before. I don’t believe the ai up scaled textures can properly compare to my rose tinted nostalgia memories so I’m going to stay away and keep my memories intact.
NAH I WANTED A REMASTER WITH NEW VISUAL EFFECTS WHERE IT looks like a new experience ,its ben done with saints row 3 ,assains creed 3, batman few others

who would you put at the top?
1 - Javik, Wrex, Liara
2 - Garrus and Tali (come on, they sucked in ME1) Thane, Jack, Legion, Morinth (Renegade 4 Lyfe), Mordin (recast gets you demoted)
3 - Miranda, Zaeed, Samara, Wrex 2.0
4 - Jacob (instant #1 if I played femShep for the prize BBC), Kasumi
5 - James Vega, Joker, EDI

Probably forgetting someone.


I was sure I was going to get this, but after seeing the odd changes/censorship and the general lack of effort overall, I decided to just replay the original series via BC on Series X instead. Doesn't cost anything extra either as they're all included with Gamepass.

Started ME1, and BC smooths out some of the framerate and graphic issues it had on 360. Maybe not as crisp as this remaster, but still not bad. Running around the Citadel isn't the framerate slideshow I remember it used to be. BC adds auto HDR as well.

who would you put at the top?

LEGION, Mordin, Wrex and Garrus

Tali, Liara, Miranda and Ashley

I can easily remember every single character in Mass Effect by name, even after all these years. But I can't remember even a single name of one of the characters in Andromeda - that's how forgettable they ALL were.
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