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Marvelous’ 1st Studio seeking staff for PS5 and Xbox Series games

Evangelion Unit-01

Master Chief
May 18, 2020
Marvelous’ First Studio is seeking staff to bolster the planning and development of “high-end next-generation games” for platforms including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, the company announced.

First Studio has developed a number of notable titles thus far, including:

Daemon X Machina (2019)
Fate/EXTELLA Link (2018)
God Eater 3 (2018) for Bandai Namco Entertainment
Fate/EXTELLA (2016)
Soul Sacrifice Delta (2014) for Sony Interactive Entertainment
Soul Sacrifice (2013) for Sony Interactive Entertainment
The studio currently has several new projects underway—mainly action games and RPGs—including a “brand-new large-scale RPG.”

More at the link.

Surprised to see another studio commit to a bigger budget PS/Xbox/PC only JRPG release. While PC gaming has steadily grown in Japan and Switch has exploded, PS has a shrinking install base and Xbox is nonexistent in the market. Disappointing we likely won't see this on Switch but I am glad to see that big budget JRPGs aren't dead. I hope to see the market continue to grow.
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