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Marvel Midnight Suns and Age of Empires IV are free to play on Steam this weekend


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There’s no better time than the present to try Marvel’s Midnight Suns! Play the game this weekend on Steam at no cost to you, from now until Feb 19 at 10am PT.
Play Age of Empires IV for free this weekend on Steam and pick it up at 40% off through February 23rd! Season Four: Enchanted Grove brings new maps, the Nomad game mode, a beautiful seasonal biome to explore, new opportunities in Ranked, and more.



Both of them are really, really good.

I've pushed Midnight Suns to the side for now to finish Fire Emblem and Hogwarts Legacy, but I'll definitely be returning to it.


Midnight suns is sensational. Gets a lot of unnecessary hate because of the Abbey stuff but in all honesty it's not that bad. If you hate all of that so much you can skip through everything if you wish.


Guess adding Denuvo protection (PC) to Marvel Midnight Suns didn't help much...
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Midnight suns was probably my goty last year. The whole gameplay loop is pretty addicting. I skipped that want quest related, there is just a ton


I am enjoying midnight suns quite a bit. I really didn't like xcom but this hand is puking me in. I think I will get the legendary edition.
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