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Maru-Chan De Goo! A game based SOLELY on Ramen Noodles (Sega did weird things)


Long before Sneak King would be a thing...another food company got into the gaming mix...Maruchan noodles! and they gave some developers and Sega money to sponsor an arcade exclusive video game based around the concept of ramen noodles. Because that's totally a thing you do right?

Sure we had games like Cool Spot but those were mascot games...based around a well known mascot for a food company. But to base an entire mini game compilation around the concept of noodles...now there is something that you don't see every day

Best part? Its actually a legit fun, challenging and well designed game that more people should know EXISTS...because its just quirky, weird and ultimately a really fun game.

But GAF...what other "wtf were they thinking" games do you have for me? BEcause its one of my favorite genres haha

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