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Mario Strikers: Battle League 1st Free Update Revealed - Coming July 21 for Free


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New updates are arriving to Mario Strikers: Battle League!

Have a look at the latest trailer to see what you can expect when the first free update releases on 7/21 at 6pm PT.

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Good to see there finally adding one of the most popular characters that should have been in the base game to start with and also Daisy.


I decided to look at the Metacritic of this game again and if is still extremely low.

This game definitely needs a lot more than this.

Nintendo, never release a barebone (unfinished) game again. The majority doesn't seem to like that.

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I liked the look of the game but it simply doesn't have the content. Maybe in a year or so when there's a few updates out for it.


too funny. how these companies are trying to string together content to make their games longer lasting.

couple characters, some items, a new stadium.....hey everyone you should all come back and play this amazing game!

really just feels like theyre trying to mimic the smash bros formula , and not to take away from SSB, but in these other games it just comes off as minimal effort ( and budget) additions. you gotta have a substantial game ( and community) first for these types of content add ons to even matter...or else its just too little too late.

honestly tennis, golf, soccer, etc...these all start out as an online focused "mini-game gimmick" base instead of a fully realized game.
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