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Mario Kart DS: CTGP Nitro is a-mazing (56 new tracks and 16 new characters)



CTGP Nitro is the biggest, most ambitious Mario Kart DS Rom Hack to date. Instead of replacing the existing tracks, it preserves the whole vanilla experience and adds new tracks, speedrunning quality of life improvements, online mode adjustments, new skins for characters and much more!

"Final" (1.0.0) version was released a few weeks ago and it is a MASSIVE mod for Mario Kart DS: 56 new tracks, including brand new tracks and remakes/demakes from other platforms tracks + 16 new characters (plus karts/unlockables).

  • Speedometer and a Prolonged Rocket Boost indicator for all your Speedrunning needs!
  • 62 courses available to play online!
  • New alt-skin system to select from even more playable characters!
  • 32 brand new Custom Tracks, bringing the total up to 88 courses to race on!
  • Full localisation support!

The quality of the tracks, for the most part, is unreal, especially those "demastered" from Nintendo 64, Gamecube and Wii. Super Nintendo tracks are fine, just a bit plain for obvious reasons. There are placeholders for up to 96 tracks, so I guess the team will add 8 more in the future. Imagine this thing as a GOTY edition back in the day :messenger_smiling_hearts:

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