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MAME 0.230 comes with Hyper Neo Geo 64 improvements


Dec 7, 2016
León, Spain

< MAME 0.229 | MAME 0.230 >​

MAME 0.230 has been released today and, among many other new systems, fixes and improvements, a developer named Happy has improved the HNG64 driver geometry with these two changes:

- 7789: hng64.cpp: Implemented priority Z sort mode for sprites. [Happy]
- 7810: hng64.cpp: Improved projection matrix calculation and 3D clipping. [Happy]

Now geometry in all the seven games is more stable, it has less clipping, more textures and it looks better overall.

Driver still has many graphical issues and sound is pretty broken (but it works), but most games are perfectly playable.

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