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Mafia III developer working on new IP. Unique, wide appeal, early in development (not Mafia IV)


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Mar 21, 2013
Source: https://www.fandom.com/articles/mafia-iii-developer-working-on-new-game-series

Following the announcement that the Californian-based studio has opened another branch in the UK – Hangar 13 Brighton- we sat down with the Mafia III creators to find out what they were working on. Sorry Mafia fans, it turns out it’s not Mafia IV.

We’re working on a new IP,” reveals Hangar 13’s VP of Development, Andy Wilson. “[While] narrative is sort of a central pillar of our studio, I think you can expect us to not necessarily be in the same genre [as Mafia III]. Maybe it will be single player, maybe it won’t…

Aside from that slight multiplayer tease, Wilson goes on to suggest that this new project will be something “unique,” stating that he believes this brand new franchise will be something that really “surprises” gamers.

“The project we’re working on right now is something that I think is incredibly unique, but also something that I think is going to appeal to a hell of a lot of people.”

While the team remained tight-lipped when it came to concrete details on its new game, it looks like gamers might have to wait awhile longer before they get fully-fledged announcement of the mysterious new title. “It’s going to be awhile before we come back and announce anything” confirms Wilson, “but when we do, I think it’s going to surprise people in a very positive way.”

Despite the project still being fairly early in development, Hangar 13 already hints that its second game could once again, deliver a socially aware narrative. “Stories that are about something, that was kind of our hallmark with Mafia III and I think it will be a studio hallmark moving forward,” teases the studio’s Narrative Director, Bill Harms. “[We want] to create the sense that there’s more to the world and the story and the characters than just what you directly see in the game.”

Over the last few years, you’ve seen some studios, particularly studios like Naughty Dog, really step up and made great narratives. And we hope we’re included in that conversation as well,” says Wilson. “For me, I want to use what’s unique about games to tell stories in different ways, but to do it in a mature way and to do it in a way that feels integrated into the experience, as opposed to ‘play for a bit watch a cutscene and repeat.’


Oct 3, 2020
But...werent there rumors that Mafia IV was being worked on? and set in 80s Vegas or something?

Besides they also re-released all previous 3 and brought attention again to the francise, especially since 1's remake was pretty good, so they just say nah, lets go with new IP ?


Sep 11, 2018
Wide appeal is basically the common lowest denominator, IE not of high quality.
Yea pretty much. What I'd like to see would be the Mafia 1/2 devs...or what's left of them... (I guess Daniel Vavra & Warhorse are the closest we have to that)....to make a game that doesn't exactly have the widest of appeal, a proper SP tactical shooter like Hidden &Dangerous 3.
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