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I finished Zelda Breath of the wild.

Nintendo did a fascinating job and demonstrated the resurrection of how i wanted the company to be.

He gave me a Great Zelda, but it is an excellent Reboot, the fact of giving voice acting to the characters was successful.

Many times I was disappointed that the characters were silent for a long time in another zelda games, here Nintendo did the right way of giving voice acting, especially in Latin Spanish.

I feel that this Zelda is special due to the fact that it is also intended for the young adult audience.

The soundtrack that uses the piano and the harp more, I liked it a lot.

What I liked the most and it was successful is the shape of the world that presents us freely, there is no path to follow and that is what I liked the most.

This evolved for good Nintendo in giving us a lot of freedom.

It's a high production value game and I was surprised that it's on par with games like Skyrim, Nintendo evolved for the Best way.

I think the weapon attrition is ok, but to some extent, I wish the next BOTW 2 would have a form of repair.

best moments of the game and experience.

I wish there were at least 2 more bosses.

Or that the confrontation of the Final Battle was more challenging and longer even with a good team of weapons.

Point to improve. Let there be more variety of enemies.

It's definitely one of the best Zelda games I've ever played, something close to the experience I had playing OoT back in the day.
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It felt like a great foundation, but not there yet.

It was missing too much "Zelda". Dungeons, finding new tools that allow you to do stuff you couldn't previously (hookshot, bombs, etc).

It was cool having all the stuff at the start, but after that it started feeling pointless, as all you really do the rest of the game is finding things to upgrade your health or stamina. That's literally 95% of the game.

And the endless supply of food to heal I found annoying. Cooking got old fast and there wasn't much point anyway, as you can just usually eat whatever from the thousands of stuff you've picked up. But, having to open the menu to select food every time really killed the flow of combat. It seems obvious this was meant to be done via the Wii U tablet (the REAL Shiekah Slate) without pausing the game.
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i thought it was damn close to perfection. i hope the major dungeons in BOTW2 are more complex and challenging. they were fun but just wish there was more to them. that's about it as far as complaints go.
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Such a great game, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

Can’t wait for the sequel, just thinking about what kind of crazy puzzles they’ll come up with using the time-shift mechanic alone makes my head spin.

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I sank almost 300 hours into this game getting 100% on Master Mode and the DLC. The game world and mechanics are so unbelievably polished. I even enjoyed taking my time and collecting the 900 korok seeds after I finished everything else. Exploring every inch of the map gave me a greater appreciation for the care that went into crafting the world. I understand the gripes about weapon stamina and things like that, but for Nintendo's first stab at a gargantuan open world this game is damn near perfect. Nothing else has come close for me since.

Such a COMFY game.
The first 15 hours were probably some of the best gaming moments of my adult life. I remember just switching my phone off and getting immersed into the game. Everything else can wait right now. Ended up putting 100s of hours over the span of a few months and doing everything apart from the korok seeds.
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Playing BotW on Cemu is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. When you see it running at 90fps with a bunch of enhancements to the presentation you'll never want to see it another way. Editing that WAY TOO FAST Degredation rate to about 1/2 of what it was is also a big improvement. One of the best games I've ever played.

On any given day I'll bounce back and forth between BotW and Witcher 3 as to which is my favorite game.
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Can’t believe the sequel will come out next year and it still doesn’t have a name.

5 years later there still isn’t a game that feels nearly as good to just explore and experiment stuff. Straight masterpiece.


Took me 3 tries before it stuck. It got better the further I went because I'd find new/more stuff/ways to help minimize all most of the annoying parts. I'm more positive about the game now than I used to be but still not a huge fan. I actually enjoyed the Hyrule Warriors spinoff more (even with the terrible performance).


Im really nervous instead of dungeons they are just going to do "sky shrines". I loved the shrines but could have been half as many and 2-4 legit dungeons.
It was always a massive disappointment when you found a shrine ready for a scrap of classic Zelda puzzle goodness but then it was some repeated fight or they literally just gave you the reward with no challenge.


I wouldn't have minded the shrines had they been themed differently, but all of them just being blue LED filled rooms got old super quickly. Same with the divine beasts all looking essentially the same.

Desperately hoping that BOTW2 delivers on visual variety.


Dropped it after around 15 hours, the weapon system and walking dungeons just did not click with me. But these 15 hours were pretty cool tho until it lost me.
Loved it as a game, hated it as a Zelda game.

Missed having actual dungeons, missed being rewarded for exploring the world and missed having some sort of challenge once you are out of the plateau.

One of the best 7\10
Yeah, this sums it up very well for me. Game has flaws but still, exploring the world and discovering every secret was quite fun and chill.

Wish they went back to the classic Zelda formula.
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Loved it as a game, hated it as a Zelda game.

Missed having actual dungeons, missed being rewarded for exploring the world and missed having some sort of challenge once you are out of the plateau.

Yeah, this sums it up very well for me. Game has flaws but still, exploring the world and discovering every secret was quite fun and chill.

Wish they went back to the classic Zelda formula.
No i'm okay with the open world formula, I hope that the sequel on the superior hardware of the switch 2 is gonna surprise me.
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Personally I thought it was the first Zelda to give me the same feeling as I had when I played the first Legend of Zelda. (IE here's the world, go explore it whatever way you want.) Like everyone else has said it's engine is very polished but does have room for improvement. I've said this before but I didn't mind that weapons broke. What bothered me was there was no way to find out how much durability a weapon had. (You only got 3 clues, a weapon was either unused, has been used, or about to break.) What I hope they add is some mechanism so you can know the durability of a weapon. (For example if you use a type of sword and break it then the game gives you a chance at "knowing" the durability of all that kind of sword, either a meeting or a number or something. Then you wouldn't have to guess at durability anymore for that particular weapon.)


Breath of the Wild is special to me! I could run around and get lost in that world for hours, the sheer freedom of exploration/puzzle solving/combat was like nothing I've ever experienced in gaming at the time. They set out to make a classic Zelda game akin to Zelda 1 and they nailed it, throw in that incredible physics engine and the ability to climb and glide around like I'm Spider-Man/Batman.

I was in heaven! My biggest gripe was the lack of traditional dungeons, and lack of cavernous areas. All things that I hope are being addressed in BotW2.


Never played a Zelda game in my life (I mistakenly thought they were full-on rpg's). Blind bought it with my Switch and by the time I finished it, it was no2 in my all-time list (nothing will ever unsurp Doom). Can't praise it high enough, it borders on absolute perfection.

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I love seeing all the love for this game. It is a true masterpiece and my personal GOAT. I can't wait to play it again some day.
I initially wasn't very impressed with with Breath of the Wild. I gave it second chance and still wasn't very impressed with it. Finally, I gave it a third chance and it clicked. It's a great game and the best Zelda since Ocarina of Time.


I always feel i played a different game to everyone else when i read what they have to say about BOTW or its their first zelda game. No Dungeons and an unfocused experience imo


Good, but really overrated. I'm afraid they'll double down on everything I disliked in it in the sequel. At least give us 60fps...
I just hope the sequel will offer more than the same fucking five enemies repeated a million times across the entire world map.

I mean, I 've seen people bitching about Elden Ring having "repeated content", but when you compare it to BOTW it feels like "A NEW THING AROUND EVERY CORNER" in contrast.

Also, please, try to step up with the dungeons... Ideally at expenses of the dozens of repeated shrines.
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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

This time in Breath of the Wild, we show some secret NPC interactions when fighting powerful enemies, what happens when you hit the armor limit, and how climbing stamina actually works.

VIDEO NOTES: In the video above, we cover 14 facts, tips and tricks that aren’t quite as well known, ranging from secrets to glitches, so me that are pretty simple and others that are fairly complex. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for four years at this point, and players have found some amazing things, intended or not, that keep the game and its sense of discovery feeling fresh.

0:00 Intro
0:12 Breaking Ball Chains
0:34 Frozen and Raw Skin
0:54 ChuChu Shock Damage Tricks
1:27 Shield Jump Cancel Tricks
2:09 Hard Level 3 NPC Interactions
2:54 Hateno Village Kids
3:18 Kula The Korok
3:36 Compendium Korok
4:06 Armor Limit Interactions
4:41 Vilia With Armor Limit
5:04 Climbing Stamina Bug
5:35 Equipment Development
6:34 Weapon Elemental Pommels
7:05 Zelda Error QA System
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