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LTTP: Yakuza 3 Remastered via PS5 Store


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Aug 18, 2017
Mount Olympus

This is a really good action brawler game.

The controls are easy to pick up quickly and it's always a pleasure when someone picks a fight with you.

It's imperative to use weapons in fights, even salt.

You'll see Yakuza, triads, gangsters etc. throughout the game, and like I said, it's a pleasure beating the shit out of these guys, everything is amplified and over the top and clearly meant to be enjoyment.

I love the small world, how it gives you many save points, managing collectibles is great also. You can skip side missions something I'm sure a lot of gamers will like.

The game has a chance to be better than GTA but in seriousness no jaw dropping highlights, forgettable villains and side puzzles/missions the game is only worth one play.

I'm not trying to diminish the Yakuza series but its a series that could have benefited from trimming fat, and a clearer story (Yakuza Zero was my game of the year in 2015). Kiryu can whoop-ass and has a huge impact on the game, not being scared of high rollers like Kazuto, Mine, etc. and plays into the diversity threads. It's different than playing as a white or black character in GTA, I'm all for Kiryu, morning glory, and having honor in every step of the journey.

Brace yourself for a 8/10 game.



Jun 28, 2020
They really should have done a Kiwami 3 instead of "remastering" it. The game was weak even back then and it has aged quite badly in comparison to something like zero.
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May 8, 2019
The game is great and constantly gets shit on by a lot of new fans of the series that didn't play it when it originally came out and just hopped on the series bandwagon after seeing annoying Kiwami memes.

Kiryu's life at Sunflower orphanage was always a huge part of his character. They made a live-action prequel mini series around the original Ryu ga Gotoku's release about him growing up there. I'd love for Okinawa to return as a location in a new Dragon engine title.


Nov 15, 2016
Currently playing through the series chronologically (a couple chapters into 5 Remastered currently) and 3 is for sure the weakest in the series so far. I agree with Skifi28 Skifi28 that giving it the Kiwami treatment would've been really great to make up for some of the stiffness (It was very, very tough at first going from Kiwami 2 to 3 Remastered). But like the other games, the main story is fantastic. Substories were noticeably less interesting than the other games too, but it's worth the play for the introduction of the orphanage and the layers it adds to Kiryu as a character.

Side note, it's been pretty cool seeing a lot of other people here playing through these games at the same time that I am. I am glad there is seemingly a large wave of people (including myself) giving the series a shot for the first time.


Jun 17, 2004
It was my last Ryuga Gotoku game that I played on PS3 - I enjoyed it like Ryuga Gotoku 1 and 2 on PS2, but I ended up giving up on the series after this. (Not just the series, but gaming in general)

And I just started Yakuza series again, starting from Zero, Kiwami and finished Kiwami 2. I intend to play Yakuza 3 HD remaster, as well as 4, 5, 6, and 7 - but coming from Kiwami 2 to 3 HD remaster, boy. I really feel the gap there, especially Kiryu's design, facial animations, and character animations in general. Still looking forward to play it. :)


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Sep 1, 2017
I’ve been working through all of the Yakuza games, just made it to Chapter Six in this one tonight. Knew the first few hours would be quite a change as I played the first couple of chapters years ago on PS3. Wasn’t too bad - the orphanage and move from Kamurocho is a major part of Kiyru’s storyline and there’s only so many ways to make that scenario exciting to play.

Loving all of the new characters and sure it’s outdated compared to the Kiwamis but this series has always been about the story for me. Happy to see others have been enjoying it too.


Sep 20, 2019
Unpopular opinion, but I liked 3 more than 4 and 5. Those games were bloated story wise.


Aug 28, 2009
Along with Y2 this has the best story and characters in the series.I also loved Okinawa even if it was relatively small in size.

And Fly is one of the most badass themes in the entire series!💪

RaZoR No1

Jun 17, 2015
The game is great and constantly gets shit on by a lot of new fans of the series that didn't play it when it originally came out and just hopped on the series bandwagon after seeing annoying Kiwami memes.
That is because it is a huge downgrade after playing Kiwami 2. The graphics etc. are not that good anymore, even the animations/fighting feels a bit more clunky. 4 and 5 have aged better and dont have these issues (or less than Y3).
Additionaly it is probably the only entry with the slowest start which doesnt help either after coming from the first 3 entries.

For me it was the first game I played in the Yakuza series back on PS3 and even back then it wasnt the smoothest gameplay etc. but still I loved it.

But after finishing Y3 everybody will appriciate the upgrades in the newer entries.
In the end we are still playing a PS3 game whit re-added content and "upgraded" visuals


Isnt OP using a gif from Yakuza 0??


Jan 9, 2019
I'd love it if they made Kiwami 3. Most of 3's problems are technical IMO, nothing wrong with the story or setting.


Oct 30, 2018
Its the second best game in the series, it gets shat on relentlesly thorughout the years by people that couldnt play it as it wasnt available digitaly. It honestly feels like 2 upgraded to 3. great game, only beaten by 6

Good to hear you liked it
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Mar 5, 2020
I guess my view differs to most on Yakuza 3 being an upgrade seen as I went from 1 & 2 on PS2 to 3 on PS3 :messenger_grinning_sweat: Sure the story is a slow burner at first, but once it gets going there isn't much better in the series.
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