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LTTP: The Last Guardian, just a boy and his bird/dog/rat/cat/dragon/duck/monster friend

The Fartist

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I couldn’t stand more than 1 hour of this game, personally. I wanted to like it but it’s way too boring

That whole trilogy is one of the few things that could bring me round to the idea that videogames can be art. They have such a coherent vision.

All the technical issues and jank melt when faced with the passion that was clearly put into TLG.


Ueda's trilogy of games are my absolute favorites. Need to replay Last Guardian, only played it once at launch and never touched it even though it was incredible. Has anyone played it unpatched at 60 fps? Are there any issues makes it a worse experience than playing at 30 fps?
It crashes and there are many other issues.
Just play patched at 4k30. It’s ok
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