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Opinion LTTP LTTP: The Darkside Detective

Aug 26, 2018

This game somehow never showed up on my radar until recently YT algorithm recommended some video that made me look for the game. The game is a point and click adventure but what I really liked about it was the tongue in cheek story and most importantly, the puzzles are pretty straightforward. I hate P&C where the puzzle only makes sense to the creator. Not saying i want an easier experience but it feels good when you can logically come to a conclusion versus "oh take the peanut butter jar, combine it with a coin to make a conductor for a battery"....like how tf would i think of that.

The game is not that long, you got 9 cases to solve (including the 3 bonus ones). Its a really fun experience and uses a lot of tropes from classic scifi/horror/action movies from the past. The second part recently came out so I will definately pick it up, just giving a heads for those that havent tried it. I am playing it on the Switch, donno these games are perfect for handheld, not so much for 60" TV but I can say I enjoyed this waaay more than Timbleweed Park.
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Jul 20, 2009
Yes, I discovered this recently and made a post in the adventure thread.

I loved it. The humor was fantastic and the bite sized cases worked surprisingly well.

The sequel however is bad. The cases are meatier with more interesting puzzles.
But the script was terrible. The wittiness of the first game disappeared and it is too wordy.
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Mar 11, 2018
One of my favorite games of the generation. With Thimbleweed Park they ate my favorite P&C games of the decade.

We played both with my brother and I’m saving the sequel so that we can play it together as well!

I only wish, that point&click developers would implement pointer controls on consoles!

I hate nudging cursor with analog sticks!
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Feb 26, 2013
I finished the first case. I love it so far and honestly the last time I enjoyed a p&c was in the Curse of Monkey Island era.