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LTTP: Mad Max (2015) - The Game That Time Forgot. AKA Don't Release Same Day As MGS V.


It's a good game, despite being repetitive, as some said. It's nice if you like to listen to other stuff while you complete the open world checklist. I played on an old PC at 720p 30fps, but after seeing this topic I will download it again to see how it looks with better performance.


Fun fact: Cory Barlog worked on this a little bit early on and wanted to implement the one-shot camera thing he did in God of War, for some reason though it never came to be.

The game got a lot of great qualities, but all the samey sand environments and boring outposts you need to take over get more tedious and repetitive than perhaps any other open-world game out there.

I tried to finish it 3 times, always quit half way through, but I might give it another shot with the PC version.


I remember seeing it for the first time at Gamescom in 2013. It already looked like a finished product to me.
You couldn't play it yourself, but it was live played on a huge television.

Two years later I bought the game at launch on PC and enjoyed the hell out of it.
It just blows my mind how a game that looks boring, sand everywhere, has so much different things to do.

I do agree that the game was maybe too long or getting repetitive. I left it a few months to play the second half in 2016.

Because of this game I decided to watch the movies. Saw that the main inspiration for this game was the second movie.
Funny, because to me it's also the best of the four movies.

Did buy it a few years back on Xbox as well, because it was only 5 dollars. Maybe I should play it (again).
I got this in the Xbox sale a few months back for a couple of quid.

I played for a few hours, did some outposts and uninstalled. I think I'm just so bored of the open world formula at this point that unless it's doing something really special I just can't be bothered. This game just felt like a billion other games I've played before but cars. Meh.


Mad Max is a really good game, great even if you're into the source material.
Repetitive yes, but really good.
It even serves a a sort of prequel for Fury Road, and explains the little girl pic on the interceptor dashboard at the very beginning of the movie.

The only thing i didn't like was
you need to finish the story to get the interceptor
Good open world game, not innovative or risky in any way. I think it dragged on a bit too long and had too many copy and paste gameplay elements. Basically the darker version of Insomniac Spider-Man games.

I did 100% it but it got pretty repetitive at the end.



Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Good open world game, not innovative or risky in any way. I think it dragged on a bit too long and had too many copy and paste gameplay elements. Basically the darker version of Insomniac Spider-Man games.

I did 100% it but it got pretty repetitive at the end.

How long did that take you ?
My gf at the time, now wife, bought me crutches, came over, and picked me up so I could pick up my Mad Max and MGSV copies from gamestop. I thought I twisted my ankle or something, but I think it was actually my first gout flare up. I was crawling around on the ground waiting to get these games. Mad Max is one of my fav games last gen, I almost have the plat, I should finish that.


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People game while listening to podcasts? Isn't that distracting from both the game and the podcast?

I've been doing that since ~2005 (mostly TWIT at that time, which sadly eventually went full woke..). But of course not all games are suitable, f.ex. when doing Digital Combat Simulator (information overload) my brain can't cope with anything else. Funnily enough I did play plenty of Elden Ring with ASMR playing in the background, very relaxing experience, LOL.

Mad Max is a good one btw. I hated the beginning, but then it progressively ramped up to a very good experience.
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One of my favorite games.
Big fan of the movie so the big desert and lengthy campaign didn't bothered me, I loved every second of that world.

Sad we will never get any sort of sequel ever.


Game was dull as anything, no meaningful content to grasp your attention which was a shame cause flying about the world was cool.


I bought this game on a Steam sale for 5 euros and had it sit in my library for years. I finally got round to playing it last year and it really pulled me in. Runs great, looks great, plays great, generally a very good game. Would love a sequel which is probably never happening.


Superb game in terms of atmosphere. Unique in it's presentation; lighting and environmental design. The physics are still stellar to play around with. Really wish a map editor/mod tools were released and Multiplayer. Could have recreated some sweet Twisted Metal times. The storms are still amazing to watch. First time one occurred I stopped in shock. Never had storms been done like this in a game. Stuff flying all over, lightning crashing into the ground, a hellish wind seemingly never ceasing. Awesome immersion like you wanted the character you play to seek shelter.

Still would love a sequel. Flying over the Big Nothing in a raggedy plane built by scrap, some schematics, and some luck maybe. Just you, your faithful dog Dinki-Di, and maybe Chumbucket along the way. Maybe an entirely new cast then after. Broken skylines and cityscapes. Terrible storms and raiders. Fires lit here and there low and high for some stories to listen and tell..

"This you knows. The years travel fast.
And time after time
I've done the Tell.
But this ain't one body's Tell.
It's the Tell of us all.
And you got to listen it and 'member.
'Cause what you hears today,
you got to tell the newborn tomorrow.
I's looking behind us now,
into history back.
I sees those of us that got the luck
and started the haul for home.
And I 'member how it lead us here and we was heartful
'cause we seen what there once was.
One look, and we knewed
we'd got it straight.
Those what had gone before had the know'
of things beyond our reckoning...
...even beyond our dreaming.
Time counts and keeps counting.
And we knows now..."

-Savannah Nix, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome



Pretty good game, I enjoyed it a lot but didn't have it in me to actually go and unlock everything. Feel the progression system was kind of crappy meaning you had to do a lot of menial tasks to unlock the higher level weapons. A lot of that grinding was annoying with low powered vehicles.

I do like Mad Max (specially Fury Road) but damn...

This thread is making me want to install it again and give it another try.


Mad Max 2015 is one of the few open world games I actually like. They nailed the atmosphere of the movie (and it shows in the camera plans, the car battles, the fighting gameplay), and Avalanche are one of the few modern devs to have understood that a desert is not just a bunch of sand dunes - the map is ridiculously beautiful. I loved it.

It's a good game, despite being repetitive, as some said.
True. Only major flaw of the game (and one consubstantial to the open world genre IMO), but a big one.
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