LTTP: God Of War

It could've done some things better - more bosses, more boss variety, etc. - but all-in-all I loved every minute of my time playing it.
I have to agree with this. More variety would be good, but it was not a breaking experience for me.
I found the combat to be sluggish and not very fun. Definitely not as good as GoTs
I can see why. At first I was feeling that the combat wasn't clicking with me, but later on my opinion changed.
1. Your first mistake was to play GoT after TLOU2. I did the same and felt suuuuuuper underwhelmed at first until I forced play myself to wash away TLOU2 impressive graphics and animations and accept GoT's....aesthetic.

2. It is absolutely amazing how they revitalized the series, and anyone who claims otherwise is a bit of a man child. I do wish, however, they bring back some of the gory executions though. That was the only thing missing from an otherwise excellent new take on the series.

I'm glad you've been enjoying playing some games you missed out!
I had to play TLOU2. It's a controversial game, so I wanted to know why. Eventually I will finish GoT.
"I have zero patience for most open world games these days" I'm not sure if that's the exact quote but holy shiiit are you my clone?


I actually had no patience for God of War either lol, my patience for games is so damn low that the most fun I can have these days is in games where I can just log on and get to work - Cyberpunk, 100 hours in a 2 weeks or something rofl...
Maybe I am your clone...
I really enjoyed GoW but couldn't do Bloodborne. They're too different.
I also tried Bloodborne before and it didn't click with me. I will try again later (either trough PSNow or just buying a cheap copy)
One thing that I like is that you can actually feel the impact when you hit the enemies with your weapon.

Imagine dualsense utilize the features in Ragnarok.

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Exactly! Feels so satisfying throwing your axe and then calling it back. So damn amazing!
...a dying franchise???...isn't it one of the faces of Playstation?
It was a dying franchise. They had to reinvent to keep going, and so they did.
When a game comes along and makes you think about our own personal relationships with our family it's special.

God of War seemed to have that effect it's players. It seems to be the one thing I've read more often than not.

I would have never thought that would happen in a GoW game especially. Personally before it's release I believed SSM were messing up big time by adding Atreus and going this direction. It turned out to be it's strength.

Perfect game.
Yeah. I finished the game two days ago and I still think about that moment. What a masterpiece!
Yes, boy.
Glad you enjoyed the game. It's great to hear people playing games they almost missed out on or were late to the party and ended up enjoying it. The fact your expectations were low going in means it was a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately I don't have the same feelings towards the game. I much prefer the older games. I found the new God of War good, but not great. The older games combat resonated with me more.

I thought I was tired of the old formula and I missed out on GoW Ascension. I played it AFTER the new God of War and had so much more fun and like you I wasn't expecting to enjoy it to that extent. Turns out it wasn't that I didn't enjoy the old style games, I just needed a break from them.

Great post OP.
I loved the original trilogy but I have to say that this new GoW is better in every way. I wouldn't mind if they went back to the good old days, but I think I vastly prefer this one.
Very well said, OP.
God of War (2018) has resurrected a brain-dead franchise and in a beautiful way. The old episodes had their charms, but this is really taken to another level: especially in terms of acting, and story (which is really good). Finally the mythology is well used and in an interesting way (Baldur).

To get a better idea, this video summarizes the essential:

Thanks for the video! Will watch later for sure.

I'm hyped for Ragnarok!!!! Haven't been hyped for a video game for many years now! I think GoW made me love videogames again!
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