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LttP: Ghost of Tsushima: Great main story, but the rest....not so much.


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Interesting. I actually found/felt the opposite. The main story to me was just alright and passable; I experienced the most enjoyment from the exploration, stealth, and combat + Legends mode and the Raid.

To each their own!


I had a good time with it, I wouldn't say the rest was all meh but I somewhat agree the game is a little overrated. I'm still finishing side content and the DLC on PS5, reminded me to go back and finish it off lol
I like it, but I am drained on all these open world games, especially the western made ones. What I really want is Japan to make more games like Onimusha with difficulty options (unlike Nioh 1 and 2) and linear gameplay again. I really miss the Onimusha games. Even Dawn of Dreams, which I do not consider as good as the first three games.


It's way too formulaic and wastes an excellent scenario and environment design.
Combat is quite fun but i really had the impression I've played this game a million times already.

I honestly don't think i will ever finish it.


Disagree with almost everything people didn’t like about it in this thread. It was smooth and well executed with great combat, a world that was fun to explore and full of awesome side quests, stories and lore. Yes it’s not as polished as some games out there, but what it did it did really well and it’s one of my GOAT games.
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