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LTTP: Deathloop (2021) PS5 Digital Edition


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First off, Deathloop is ok for casual gamers and a lot of hard work was put into this game.

The whole point of the game is breaking a "loop" you're stuck in since the 50s, discovering different trinkets that possess powers for Colt, you spend a lot of time farming abilities and every visionary you take down during the game's main missions feel like important episodes of a TV show. Completing the game takes around 20 hours.

The Complex, Updaam, Karl's Bay, Fristad Rock are legit locations and an interesting experience (finding the pictograms, visiting 2-bit, diverting the power etc.) I liked that a lot and it's all designed to complete in one sitting.

Where I give Arkane Studios, SONY and Bethesda Softworks credit is the time schedule, it tries to keep you in a "loop" that you must break.

The enemies that are thrown at Colt (eternalists) aren't very difficult to solve.

The game's design is remarkable in that it offers sense of adult humor (Wenjie and Aleksis science vs party relationship, two birds one shot mission that has you kill Charlie and Fia two of the game's main "visionaries") but also show-boat moments from the main character.

The island has an atmosphere with its "Fiz-pop" stations, hidden doors and just beautiful views there's a lot of detail.

The game feels very original, has its own style and reminds me of smart game design. The added gimmick, time loop is a little bit of a risk but overall its a release Xbox gamers should look out for.
I bought the physical edition on a sale. For a 27 € it feels pretty damn good!

Haven't played it more than a few hours though, but I really really like the games aesthetics, the music especially and Cole as the main protagonist.


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Yeah I just got it for 20 quid on PS5, pretty excited to start it after Mafia DE. I didn't know the fucking haptics/triggers worked on PC though, otherwise I wouldn't got the PC version... this way I can do RT at least though, the performance mode seems unstable so I'd rather lock to 30 and get that sweet IQ.


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One of my favorite games of the year, so much so I just recently went and played Dishonored and so much of its DNA is in Deathloop


I was disappointed. Worst Arkane game by far. It's not a bad game, but expectations were a lot higher, especially after the (undeserved - after playing it myself) high scores it got.


I liked the game overall. Sure, there are only 4 maps with different settings, and the AI won't take any award home.

But the time loop setting is great, the art direction is nice, the story is interesting and the voice acting is one of the best ever, especially Colt (I don't understand how they didn't win at TGA on that part). Player invasion is optional but can be nice if you're into this kind of things.

Not the game of the year for me, but a nice 8/10 game.
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Finally getting around to this as well. It alright, the combat isnt that good. I cant figure out if its supposed to be stealth or speed run game. Took me forever to figure out what the point of the game was.
Having to restart an entire day over because a mission dissapears cuz you got spotted is annoying as well.


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Good game that missed the mark of being great. Worth playing. Xbox owners should have some fun with it, when it comes to Gamepass at the end of this year.


7/8 out of 10 game which to me is pretty good. A lot shorter than I thought it would be but I'm not against games of that length. Premise is dope and I'd play a sequel or standalone


Despite its flaws, I loved this game. It tried to modernize immersive-sims by transforming the bad habits of those who enjoy the genre, a bit like how Miyazaki forces his fans with each new game to unlearn the previous one. You are doing a stealth run but alert the guards, think you could just reload a quick save? Think again unless you wanna dump the last half hour you spent collecting your goodies you are gonna have to accept to deal with these ugly and high stake situations. The problem unfortunately is that they didn't execute the idea as well as I would've liked as the AI doesn't behave as well as it should when they are alert. Also, I would've liked to see more player agency with the time loop concept e.g break a window in the morning then come back in the afternoon to see it exactly as you left it or something more akin to a sidequest (there's only one or two like this from what I remember) where through your actions you would make physical changes to the world around you. Despite its issues, I still managed to sink about 60 hrs or so and still think it's a fantastic game.
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