[LTTP] Cyberpunk 2077 ----- NeoGaf, I was wrong about this game.

Did you like it after playing it yourself?

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The game as it is now, is pretty fucking great. It’s just a shame that a lot of people experienced the game in such a shitty state back when it came out. My only gripe about the game now is that is lite on content, but hopefully the expansion will fix that.


The hate for the game was because it was a mess at launch, specially in last gen consoles. I played the game on PS5 at launch and the game run well, but still had a good amount of bugs and it fell short from the trailers that shown a much more alive and imersive world. I still enjoyed it, but it was a huge step back compared to Witcher 3. The best thing about Cyberpunk is how good the city is. But the NPCs and trafic break the imersion alot of times.

I did a 2nd run 1 year later when the native PS5 version launched, and the game was a much better experience.
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It has a much better and emotional touching story than Witcher 3 where everyone is raving about that for sure.

I started the game on Day 1 with PC and finished it during that period. Never really had much issue TBH
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Bugs aside it's still a jack of all trades. It's trying to do too many things at once, it's trying to be an RPG, but also GTA, but also an FPS, and it doesn't really excel at any of them in the end. Everything is just okay.

The world, characters and (some) story are where it really shines. I put a good 50 hours in at launch (PC with a 3070, very few bugs in the grand scheme of things) and had a good time with it.
Pretty much this ^

The game is averagely okay/good. I had fun, it had its great moments, it doesn't really do anything special. Wasn't bad and wasn't great.

The only thing I thought was really cool and unique, was the variety of weapons and cool unique futuristic abilities they had. I would love to see more of that in other shooter games. But I think the idea of it was better than the implementation and execution overall.


Decent game overall, i enjoyed playing it at launch as i was excited for it, but now 2 years later and after playing many other games in that period and after my initial hype wore off, i went back and played few gigs and its, ehh its alright i guess, its definitely not a bad game but i wouldn't say its what i expected it to be at all.
I would rate it 3/5, decent, the game has a lot of flaws but it has good highs as well.
I believe the game could have been a lot better if it:
1- Wasn't open world
2- Wasn't so much narrative focused (acting and cinematics)
3- Wasn't next-gen + old-gen release
4- Adopted better source material
5- Didn't commit the amateur mistake of applying mechanics from previous titles that worked for a new title.

1- The open world in the game is lifeless, its too big for its own good, if this was a medieval world it would have been better and it will work, but this is not only a modern city, its a modern Futuristic city, this means that the standards for content and immersion are going to be much much higher.
The open world is directly responsible for: lackluster content, bugs, glitches, performance issues, bad loot system.
However it looks fantastic but that..that is not a point for open world, that is a point for art direction, and the team at CDPR is amazing with art direction, top notch work.

2- The too much focus on acting and cinematics is not a huge problem because it was done really well, but because of that the budget went mostly there, and this came at the cost of the rpg mechanics.

3- The release of this game on so many platforms directly hindered the fixes and the recovery process for the game, made it 2 years until it got to a stable place, this made the DLC take longer, the updates take longer and the added content to be significantly reduced.

4- The source material is edgy and mostly inferior to its counterparts, the city, the gangs, the lore, its just not as good as other cyberpunk works and does not tackles themes in a deeper manner as much as other works, a better source material would've allowed for richer writing and more philosophical and memorable world, however that will come at the cost of marketing, since the audience will be more niche/less casual.

5- CDPR applied a lot of mechanics in their design that worked in W3 to CP2077 which then highlighted the issues more. The only one issue that both game have that i dont like is the loot system. Unironically W3 had better NPC schedule and side activities too.


That December 2020 launch was when I had some of the most fun at GAF. I was one of the OT creators and boy these forums were on fire. Still think it's a fantastic game.


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Love to see people enjoying Cyberpunk. My 2020 GOTY by a wide margin, and legitimately one of the best games I have ever played.

Throw the soundtrack on as well; its OST and radio selections are some of the best video game music ever assembled.


Jackie. I actually like Jackie, I need to go back and finish the game to see if anything happens to him.

Trying to keep my comments spoiler free.

I should clarify too, I don't hate the game or think it's not worth playing. It's just a complete mess to me regardless of how many fixes it receives. It is night and day different though between now and when it released, I'll give CDPR credit for that.
I asked because I was sure you didn't actually play the game. Well, no more than an hour or so.

And I was right. Go me.


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Throw the soundtrack on as well; its OST and radio selections are some of the best video game music ever assembled.
Every time I hear this song in my radio.

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I'm still not a big fan. It felt like a wild bunch of ideas put together, trying to be as cool and sell-able as possible but lacking any sort of excitement, surprises or deep lore.

I kind of regret the hours spent to open up their computer message, just ramblings of the same stuff. Braindances are a bore and annoying to go through on multiple playings. Mission/level design that is basic and unremarkable, possible to rush through with no consequences. Big world but feels empty, good looking characters with little to no backstory and connection in/with the world they are living in...etc


Meh. The world is so realistic it's bland. The mechanics are cumbersome. The dialogue is cringe at times, but good at times. It's just so hot and cold that it felt lukewarm to me. If you can run at ultra on a 4K the graphics can blow your mind though.


Yep. I really enjoyed it.

Didn't feel like it ever stopped giving. I must have also been very lucky as I barely encountered any bugs at all. The game ran great on the PS5 upgrade for me. Glad you enjoyed it too.
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