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LTTP: Battlefield 2042 (2021) (PS5 Digital Edition, & Xbox One version)


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark

By far the biggest story in gaming. For me I bought into Battlefield 2042 on the first trailer, I said thank you for going back to modern warfare, I spent the next months trying to dig out of the hate bubble good things about Battlefield 2042, by the end I actually pre ordered the PS5 version of the game and bought the Xbox One last gen game to see what's happening on the other team,

OK now lets get to the game, people on the Battlefield inner circles know the Battlefield franchise needed to show the world modern guns, it's a highly regarded respected franchise, the point is:

the makers of Battlefield were trying to move on from last generation, move on from world war 2.

Game launches, let's see what happens. It's mostly OK.

Battlefield 2042 Has Second-Best Launch In Series Despite Poor Reception

Could Dice have waited 1 more year? Sure, they had a chance to. I still can't believe they launched this game (Without a campaign). Obviously the holiday season, COD launching yearly is the driving force to release a new game. The system is a shocking change (new specialist characters), would you rather have the high level, reasonable Battlefield V system? Theoretically, they would have launched Battlefield V with 2042 theme, but that's gone.

The first thing on gamers mind is big battlefield moments, up-stagged destruction. I was hoping for more, just a little bit more. The commitment from the makers of Battlefield just isn't there.

Gun attachments are treated as fresh unlocks and dodges menu screens, it feels real inspired based on the game's pace.

The Battlefield formula is very traditional multiplayer that's the necessary component, the master map design just isn't here. Maps like Kaleidoscope, Orbital, and Renewal have longevity though that throws in 128 players and are reminiscent of Battlefield 4 maps.

Not the worse map in the world...

You still have fighting inside, outside, on top of buildings, game modes that accomplish teamwork, weather effects that tamper your visibility and gunning for objects.

Four specialists that have replaced the traditional Battlefield classes

You can go back and play classic modes. I don't know why this isn't in Call of Duty. Battlefield is accused of lag, missing scoreboards, bugs but Portal places the franchise ahead and is the first gamechanger move that distances itself from other multiplayer shooters.

A high placed source told me the franchise is relieved to start next generation, making a video game today is a commitment. It requires updates, emotional responses from fans, justified criticism, there's no denying the game has problems and has torn gamers up. I still think it should have abandoned last generation.

PS4 version of the game...

We finally get a roadmap update, I guess the makers of Battlefield woke up and decided to add things. Is Battlefield 2042 something to be proud of? If they delay the game maybe the outcome is different. Yes we have a way to go before the game is complete, and playing up to gamers expectations.

GAF, is this the recipe for Battlefield going forward?
I’m glad that they are looking to fix these issues, but if I’m honest the response they gave in the new year was fucking bollocks.

The way they spoke to the community with ‘we all deserve a break’ and ‘the community expectations are brutal’ has put me right off the game, even if they fix it properly (which I don’t think they can, at least to my ‘brutal’ standard).

There is no way in hell that they didn’t realise the game was in the state that it was and they never said a word about it, they carried on saying it was great and hyped the shit out of it, despite it EASILY being the worst Battlefield game they have released. Oh and before anyone says ‘Hardline’, at least that game tried to be something unique in the Battlefield universe.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Last year I was really excited for 2042 now all of a sudden gamers are critics a lot of the battlefield hatred is straight up trolling.
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