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Lord of the Rings Online to get an update for PC and next-gen consoles for the Amazon series


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The Lord of the Rings Online was released in April 2007, initially using a subscription model, but in 2010 it switched to the f2p system with an in-game store. The game is still actively supported and there are additions to the it-both large story and small.
A December report for investors indicated that in 2022, developers plan to update the game for PC and consoles of the new generation-apparently, we are talking about the graphics component.

Moreover, the authors of the report link the date to the release of the series on “the Lord of the rings” from Amazon, which is scheduled for release in early 2021, but the pandemic may well make its own adjustments.
Visual updates for new consoles, as well as changes to key mechanics, are waiting for another MMORPG publisher Daybreak Game Company-DC Universe. They are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021.

Amazon’s Lord of the rings series has already been renewed for a second season, although the exact release date for the first season has not yet been announced. But the developers actively share the cast, and the actors call the project the largest in history. The show will focus on events that take place several millennia before “the Hobbit” and “the Lord of the rings”, in the Second Age of middle — earth, which covers the rise and fall of the greatest human state-Numenor.

The game is extremely dated by today's standards and not just the graphics. Not to mention getting the game to work on a gamepad sounds like a nightmare considering how clunky and m&kb focused it is.
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Decent game, one aspect I disliked was the dueling banjos healing, it just felt ridiculous and it had a overly complex tier system on the skills.

Here's a screenshot of me sticking it to the man, yes, it was I! I have 3 of them in my inventory.


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I have fond memories of hanging out in Bree playing my mandolin, and delivering pies in the Shire.

Getting legitimately lost in the old forest was wild too.
The launch old forest was ridiculously hard for level 20 or whatever it was and the map was terrible too. I had a great time learning it though and made some good friends playing that game.

I haven’t played anything past Rohan so would definitely jump on a next gen version of this.


So many good memories. The only other MMO that I really enjoyed aside from Guild Wars. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good back in the days. Today though it is incredibly outdated. I tried it a few years back and it was just "eh". Extremely bloated and unfocused. An insane amount of zones with nobody in them, just chasing the highest tier stuff in the highest tier zones. The sense of exploration and discovery was incredible during the first two years, absolutely legendary. When Moria hit it was also fantastic but the game was losing its sheen really fast. The whole region was pretty uninteresting. Just halls or caves, nothing really memorable, probably not the fault of the devs though, I guess you can't make mining complex that interesting to make it fresh throughout the whole thing. Slowly dailies and weeklies were added and the game just turned into a grind fest.
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Devs earned my respect for supporting this game as long as they are doing! Will jump in once the next gen upgrade is out.


GREAT MMO. It's just so old though. I wonder what kind of graphics update they're talking about because to modernize it would be a monumental task.
I'm just glad that Christopher Tolkien won't be alive to see what they're going to do to his father's legacy with Amazon LotR.

LotRO is a great game. I just booted it up. It is a lot different from when I played it in 2010. I think the last update they had when I played was Evendim. Now they have basically all of Middleearth.


LOTRO really surprised me with how good it was, and how deep into the world and it’s lore you could go. Far from a cash-grab, I spent hundreds of hours enjoying Middle Earth.
Hearing this, makes me want to get my Hunter up to speed, ready for the big changes.


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LOTRO really surprised me with how good it was, and how deep into the world and it’s lore you could go. Far from a cash-grab, I spent hundreds of hours enjoying Middle Earth.
Hearing this, makes me want to get my Hunter up to speed, ready for the big changes.

Apparently the Estate was really happy with it.


I think I stopped playing when they were about to launch the Mount combat expansion. I played it on a whim and ended up subbing after a brief trial. The game did enough differently than WoW, to be it's own thing. There was a bit less hand holding with quests. You actually had to read. Probably a nice mix between Everquest 1 and Wow/Eq 2. Don't know how the game holds up now, but was at a time, definitely the most under rated MMO experienced. they respect the lore almost to a detriment, making it difficult to add traditional MMO classes, one might expect.

If I recall Rune Master or something, pushed the limits of the lore.


Still my favorite MMO. I would definitely jump back in, but hopefully it's more than just graphics and they also overhaul the UI and add QoL enhancements.


I'm sure the five people still playing it will love this patch.

Wasn't there a talk about making a new LOTR mmo?
That game is so dated compared to mmos even for that age. Combat is complicated, graphics are very dated.


Always wanted to play this but looks really old. If they’re gonna improve visuals then I guess I’ll give it a shot


It will never happen and it is a damn shame. Best game of forever... people are not even hardcore enough to deal with it.


You play on any of these user run shards? Some with the old rule set through Second Age/Renaissance.

just can’t replicate the official experience though.


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