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Lightyear Frontier - Official Announcement Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Lightyear Frontier is an upcoming open-world farming exploration game featuring crafting, resource management and base building, wrapped in a mystery-driven narrative. Check out the trailer for a peek at its world and get ready to explore when the game heads to Xbox platforms and PC in 2022 in early access.

In Lightyear Frontier, which features 4-player co-op (but is also playable solo), the changing weather can affect crops, and so can the "local" wildlife, which you can try to tame. Players will farm, use their harvest to improve their mech equipment, which they can then use to grow rarer resources but also to explore previously inaccessible environments, to gather more resources and uncover a mystery on this new planet.


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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Welcome to the Frontier! Begin your new life on a strange and beautiful planet as you build up your homestead. Arriving in Early Access, Spring 2023!

Combining the utility of a mech with the peaceful experience of starting a farm, the world of Lightyear Frontier is full of mystery and wonder. Seek out new plants to add to your harvest as you travel through the planet’s environments, uncovering ancient secrets and making new friends along the way. Establish your presence in harmony with nature, using the tech you research to create a sustainable and successful farm.


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I like the look of this one and the music. This was a good trailer at the Xbox event
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