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Lead Writer Sam Maggs confirms that Rivet is canonically a lesbian

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So, just so I understand the timeline:
  1. Sam Maggs decides to start all caps screaming on Twitter about how a guy who was summarizing a series of events doesn’t say her name a single time. She then says this means they’re ERASING her work. She then admits that it took her a year and a half to come up with the name.
  2. IGN doesn’t even bother to look into this with Insomniac and *immediately* edits the article to say she came up with the name.
  3. Usual suspects wuffles and Xavier, who have never had a consistent story, chime in with the usual “yaaaas queen.” Wuffles says they cried in Ted’s office as if this is something an employee should do.
  4. Sam says she cried for *hours* every day, and would just walk around the office screaming “Lobax Titties!” but then says “I loved it there!” because these are just things we’ll-adjusted people do.
  5. Female intern who was hired (something wuffles says never happened there because they HATE WOMEN) reminds Sam she had nothing to do with naming Rivet.
  6. Sam walks it back (but still calls the current employee an intern)
  7. Oh, and Rivet’s a lesbian which was obviously very important to the story. (imagine working on this family game and constantly having these three teammates always bringing up how fuckable Rivet is).
That about it?

Also bitches about not being acknowledged by her male colleagues.

Also claims she had to fight for Rivet to not be completely erased from the game.

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of course she is....
The characters in that game lacked any sort of edge. It's full disney boring goody2shoes.
It was like that even in the ps4 game. They took all the edge away andmade everything else super dumb kids friendly. Not the 90s kids who were rad. But disney idiot kids.
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Not the impression I got in the least bit playing the game. I was more under the impression that Ratchet and Rivet were quite taken by each other. This sounds more to me like it was her own canon that wasn't accepted by the team. You know, something she stresses but then simultaneously seems to make the issue about her.
If it's not on the page, or the screen, it doesn't exist in the media. If pen isn't put to paper, "Canonical" matters about as much as fan fiction.

This is also true for IP that takes place over various forms of media, IMO. I don't care what happened in the Halo books. If it's not a part of the story in the game, it's not a part of the game's story. None of that matters. If you want something to matter, put it in the actual book, or movie, or game.


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Well she sounds like a fucking bell end to have to work with.

She better at least post some lesbian Rivet porno that she’s made, funded by Insomniac.

Glorious Nippon Sony HQ needs to reign fury down upon this western shit show before we get games where Abby literally crawls out of your TV The Ring style, pins you down and fucks your scrawny cis white ass with her huge hulking she-cock.


All joking aside, can you imagine what it’s like to work with these people?

You’ve got these incredible programmers, designers and artists and then some absolute throbbing bellend like this broad turns up and thinks her cretinous vision of what a furry rabbit wants to fuck is in any way relevant to anything happening anywhere in the cosmos.

Completely toxic.
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