Latest UE5 info (Fest Online 2020) on Nanite, Lumen and more


More detailed info on the UE5 engine, the new technologies such as Nanite and Lumen as well as a deeper look at the May Demo. The incredible stuff show here are truly a giant next gen leap it's a great showcases of what the next gen games can look like in about 1-2 years from now.

Most interesting parts of the video:
10:00 - Nanite, Virtualized Geometry, pixel sized polygons. Tech easily runs at 60fps on PS5.
16:40 - Lumen, Realtime baseless Global Illumination. Tech is currently running at 30fps but is aiming or 60fps on PS5.
30:45 - A deeper look at the UE5 Demo.
42:36 - Deeper look at working with Lumen in realtime in UE editor.

Dates: UE5 Early preview 2021, Release date late 2021.
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