Last week's top 10 Steam's best sellers included 4 PlayStation games

God of War's huge increase was probably due to the Ragnarok trailer with the help of a discount, that's why it's the biggest seller for Sony.

Horizon and Days Gone are also discounted. Spider-Man Remastered has NEVER left the top 10 since its release over a month ago...and it's on sale on PC at full price for 60€ even after selling over 20M copies on consoles.

As we speak, Horizon is actually the 3rd best selling game on steam, right behind Cyberpunk and Modern Warfare II preorders. This is a game that first released on PS4 in 2017, over half a decade ago, has sold over 20M copies on PS consoles, was offered on PS Plus, PS Now and is now available for "free" on PS Plus Extra. It was also offered as part of the Play At Home Initiative back in 2021 when all PS players could play it for free even without a PSPlus account. Yet here we are.

PlayStaton's PC releases won't end any time soon: Uncharted Legacy of Thieves releases next month, Spider-Man Miles Morales still coming this year, plus TLOU Remake is supposed to follow "very soon after" the PS5 release. Returnal is also a possibility for fall 2022, we'll see.


steam deck no 1 ?

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Hell yes, this is fantastic news for Sony. It was a brilliant move expanding their playerbase this way by getting PC gamers on board with their IPs. This will only help push even bigger numbers for future sequels. The more platforms Sony can make a game for the better. It's good to see them refuse to limit themselves to a single plastic box. The future is bright.
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