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|OT| Kunai - Metroidvania


Feb 8, 2018
Platform(s): Windows PC, Switch
Release Date:
PC, Switch - February 6th, 2020
Genre: Exploratory Platformer (Metroidvania)
Price: 16.99 $/€
Player(s): 1
Format: Digital
Developer: TurtleBlaze
Publisher: The Arcade Crew, Gamera Games
Size: ~1 GB

What is Kunai?
KUNAI is a quirky, fast-paced action adventure / metroidvania. You play as Tabby, a tablet who joins the fight against a robot uprising. Use your kunai and ninja parkour skills to stop Lemonkus, the A.I.-gone-evil that almost wiped out all human life.
How long is the game?
First playthrough has an estimated 8-10 hour length but that will vary depending on your playstyle.

Procedurally generated world or is it a handcrafted one?
The latter. Kunai has a static, universal, map.

Difficulty options?
There’s just one standard difficulty in the game.

How does character progression work?
You’ll find ability granting items throughout the story and be able to purchase character upgrades with the currency you collect in the game.

Is there an in-game map?

HD Rumble on Switch?

Ultrawide support on PC?
No, the game forces a 16x9 aspect ratio.

What time does the game launch?

PS4/XB1 port?
There was talk of them early on, but it depends on how successful the initial launch on PC/Switch is.

Physical release?
There’s nothing announced but the developers are open to it.



Jan 30, 2019
Let me help a bit OP, I found this when I googled KUNAI gameplay:

Interesting gameplay. Gonna check out after launches and see if it holds well. Who knows, I might even get it. Though I would prefer if they launch on PS4.
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Faith - Hope - Love
Jan 1, 2017
Tennessee, USA
Buying this right away for the Switch- I can't get enough Metroidvania titles. 💖

(Still trying to figure out how to defeat the last boss in Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge. I have everything maxed out, but cannot figure out how to break his shield halfway through the fight. Does anyone know what I'm missing?)
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Punished Miku

Gold Member
Jan 13, 2018
Gameplay, control responsiveness, traversal all looks smooth as silk.

Shame they decided to make their artstyle a joke instead of taking it seriously.

I'll probably still get it. Looks fun to play at least.
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